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6 Job(s) found for Arabic, North Levantine  

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Arabic, North Levantine; German; Italian; Applied Linguistics; Computational Linguistics; Phonetics;Phonology; Text/Corpus Linguistics: Scientist, Meridian Linguistics (12-Jan-2020)
Azerbaijani; Chavacano; Croatian; Hindi; Indonesian; Iraqi; Levantine; Saudi; Serbian; Swahili; Turkish; Urdu; Western Punjabi; Yemeni: Linguist, Advanced Automation Corporation, USA (11-Aug-2017)
Arabic; English; Applied Linguistics; Historical Linguistics: Post Doc, SOAS University of London, UK (21-Jul-2017)
Multiple Arabic Dialects; Language and Speech Processing: Post Doc, Qatar University, Qatar (28-Jul-2010)
Arabic (Gulf, South/North Levantine, and Najdi Spoken); Language Acquisition: Post Doc, Qatar University, Qatar (20-Apr-2010)
Arabic, Algerian Saharan Spoken;Saharan Arabic;Tamanghasset Arabic;Tamanrasset Arabic;Arabic, Tajiki Spoken;Balkh Arabic;Bukhara Arabic;Buxara Arabic;Central Asian Arabic;Tajiji Arabic;Arabic, Standard;Classical Arabic;High Arabic;Koranic Arabic;Modern Literary Arabic;Modern Standard Arabic;Quranic Arabic;Arabic, Mesopotamian Spoken;Baghdadi Arabic;Iraqi Arabic;Mesopotamian Gelet Arabic;Mesopotamian Qeltu Arabic;North Syrian Arabic;Arabic, Ta'izzi-adeni Spoken;Djibouti Arabic;Southern Yemeni Spo & Translation: Special Agent/Language Specialists, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), DC, USA (06-Feb-2004)