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14 Job(s) found for Serbian  

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Slavic Subgroup; Serbian; Morphology; Syntax: Researcher, University of Surrey, UK (21-Sep-2020)
Bosnian; Croatian; Serbian; General Linguistics; Language Acquisition; Ling & Literature: Assistant Professor, University of California, Berkeley (30-Aug-2018)
Azerbaijani; Chavacano; Croatian; Hindi; Indonesian; Iraqi; Levantine; Saudi; Serbian; Swahili; Turkish; Urdu; Western Punjabi; Yemeni: Linguist, Advanced Automation Corporation, USA (11-Aug-2017)
Bulgarian; Estonian; Hebrew; Latvian; Persian, Iranian; Serbian; Slovenian; General Linguistics; Phonetics; Phonology; Text/Corpus Linguistics: Phonetician, Lionbridge (28-Sep-2016)
Bulgarian; Croatian; Romanian; Serbian; Slovenian; Computational Linguistics: Language Engineer, Adecco UK, London, Victoria, United Kingdom (03-Mar-2016)
Multiple Languages; Language Acquisition: Instructor/Teacher, VL247 (06-Dec-2012)
Various Languages; Computational Linguistics; General Linguistics: Linguists, Lionbridge Testing Services (28-Jun-2011)
Latvian; Serbian; Croatian; Slovak & Applied Linguistics , General Linguistics , Lexicography , Morphology , Phonetics , Syntax , Text/corpus Linguistics: Linguists, Lionbridge Testing Services (18-Jun-2010)
Bulgarian; Hindi; Latvian; Serbian; Slovak; Thai; Croatian; Lithuanian & Applied Linguistics & Computational Linguistics: Consultants, Lionbridge Testing Services (24-Mar-2010)
Various Langs & Grammar, Proof Reading, Applied Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Translation: Linguist, Appen Pty Limited, Syndey, Australia (20-May-2009)
Various Languages & Translation, Applied Linguistics: Linguists, Lionbridge (13-May-2009)
Various Languages & Computational Linguistics: Linguist/Language Expert, Butler Hill Group, Telecommute (24-Sep-2008)
Tartar; Armenian; Bosnian; Croatian; Serbian; Macedonian; Polish&Albanian & Less Commonly Taught Languages of Eastern Europe and Eurasia: Summer Instructors, Arizona State University, AZ, USA (16-Sep-2003)
Sicilian Albanian;Standard Arabic;Chinese & Mandarin;Dari;Afghan Farsi;Greek;Hindi;Korean;Pusto;Turkish;Somali;Serbo-croatian;Tagalog Translation: Linguist at PSC, Inc in Reston, VA, USA (03-May-2002)