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Academic Papers Academic Papers View all the 130 results in Academic Papers
  • Morphological theory and orthography: Kanji as a representation of lexemes - - Nagano (23-Jun-14) Shimada (23-Jun-14)
  • Cognitive mechanism of writing to dictation of logographic characters - - Bi (20-Jul-12) Han (20-Jul-12) Song (20-Jul-12)
  • Long-s in Late Modern English manuscripts - - Fens-de Zeeuw (20-Jul-12) Straaijer (20-Jul-12)
  • Spelling reform – a lesson from the Greeks - - Bulley (20-Jul-12)
  • Satyajit Ray Writes Paintings - - Bandyopadhyay (13-Jul-12) Tarafdar (13-Jul-12)
  • Writing by Means of Drawing - - Bandyopadhyay (13-Jul-12)
  • Discourse Analysis of the Book 'Society Seen Through the Mirror of Life' - - Bandyopadhyay (19-Jun-12)
  • Urdu in Devanagari: Shifting orthographic practices and Muslim identity in Delhi - - Ahmad (13-Jun-11)
  • Urdu in Devanagari: Shifting orthographic practices and Muslim identity in Delhi - - Ahmad (25-May-11)
  • A Tone Orthography Typology - - Roberts (10-Jan-11)
    Books Book Announcements:    View all the 73 results in Book Announcements
  • Developing Orthographies for Unwritten Languages - - Michael C. Cahill (Editor) Keren D. Rice (Editor) (05-Feb-14)
  • The Arabic Script in Africa - - Meikal Mumin (Editor) Kees Versteegh (Editor) (03-Feb-14)
  • Phonetic Spelling - - Harry Johnston (07-Jan-14)
  • Zur Geschichte der deutschen Sprache im 20. Jahrhundert - - Józef Grabarek (13-Dec-13)
  • Münsterländische Nachlassinventare aus der Frühen Neuzeit - - Markus Denkler (Editor) (12-Dec-13)
  • Normierung auf dem Prüfstand - - Marlon Berkigt (12-Dec-13)
  • Die geheimen Mächte hinter der Rechtschreibung - L'ortografia e i suoi poteri forti - - Federico Biddau (Editor) (21-Nov-13)
  • Die Schnittstelle von Morphologie und geschriebener Sprache [The Interface Between Morphology and Written Language] - - Martin Neef (Editor) Carmen Scherer (Editor) (24-Sep-13)
  • Typology of Writing Systems - - Susanne R. Borgwaldt (Editor) Terry Joyce (Editor) (05-Jul-13)
  • Punctuation as a Means of Medium-Dependent Presentation Structure in English - - Sebastian Patt (18-Apr-13)
    Book Reviews Review Announcements View all the 16 results in Review Announcements
  • Orthographies in Early Modern Europe (Reviewer: Sarah Hart) - - Anja Voeste, Susan Baddeley (25-Mar-13)
  • A Better Pencil (Reviewer: Alice Horning) - - Dennis Baron (06-Mar-13)
  • Spelling and Society (Reviewer: Lionel Mathieu) - - Mark Sebba (29-Sep-12)
  • The Routledge Handbook of Scripts and Alphabets (Reviewer: Philippa M Steele) - - George L. Campbell, Christopher Moseley (18-Jul-12)
  • Handbook of the Syllable (Reviewer: Christoper R. Green) - - Eric Raimy, Charles E. Cairns (02-Oct-11)
  • Middle Egyptian (Reviewer: Grover M. Hudson) - - James P. Allen (29-Jan-11)
  • A Computational Theory of Writing Systems (Reviewer: Earl M Herrick) - - Richard W Sproat (10-Jun-08)
  • Writing Systems (Reviewer: Peter T. Daniels) - - Florian Coulmas (08-Sep-06)
  • Reading Hebrew (Reviewer: Robert D. Holmstedt) - - Joseph Shimron (20-Jul-06)
  • Writing With, Through, and Beyond the Text (Reviewer: Joseph Benjamin Archibald Afful) - - Rebecca Luce-Kapler (07-Oct-05)
    Calls/Confs Calls/Confs View all the results in Calls / View all the results in Confs
  • North American Conference on Afroasiatic Linguistics (29-Jul-14) - - Washington, DC, 2015
  • Language and Linguistics Student Conference (28-Jul-14) - - Edmond, OK, 2014
  • 48th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea (27-Jul-14) - - Leiden, 2015
  • 46th Annual Conference on African Linguistics (25-Jul-14) - - Eugene, Oregon, 2015
  • 8th Annual International Conference on Languages & Linguistics (18-Jul-14) - - Athens, 2015
  • ISLPR Global International Conference on TESOL (12-Jul-14) - - Ankara, 2014
  • Cretan Graphic & Babylonian Astro-Chronological Systems in Georgian Alphabet and Monuments (07-Jul-14) - - Tbilisi, 2014
  • 10th International Symposium on Iconicity in Language and Literature (30-Jun-14) - - Tübingen, 2015
  • Translating Creolization (26-Jun-14) - - Cave Hill, St. Michael, 2015
  • Language and Linguistics Student Conference (10-Jun-14) - - Edmond, OK, 2014
    Dissertation Abstracts Dissertation Abstracts:    View all the 12 results in Dissertation Abstracts
  • Character Introduction and Establishment in Japanese Narratives - - Watanabe   (02-Jul-12)
  • Kamloops Chinuk Wawa, Chinuk pipa, and the Vitality of Pidgins - - Robertson   (14-Mar-12)
  • Two Pre-Roman Alphabets of Northern Italy: Venetic and Raetic - - Širola   (27-Feb-09)
  • L'orthographe du ton en kabiyè au banc d'essai - - Roberts   (06-Nov-08)
  • Language Ideologies on Display: Local, regional & (trans)national identities in Taipei's linguistic landscape - - Curtin   (18-May-08)
  • L'oral comme fiction / Orality as fiction - - Dargnat   (18-Mar-07)
  • 透视汉字阅读的过程 - - Lupu   (13-Jan-07)
  • Interphonologie et représentations orthographiques: Du rôle de l'écrit dans l'enseignement / apprentissage du français oral chez des étudiants japonais - - Detey   (15-Nov-06)
  • Localization and Internationalization of Driver Information Systems - - Olaverri   (26-Sep-06)
  • Old Portuguese in Hebrew Script: Convention, contact, and convivência - - Strolovitch   (11-Oct-05)
    Jobs Job Announcements View all the 16 results in Job Announcements
  • Japanese; Applied Linguistics; Language Acquisition; Writing Systems: Assistant Professor, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hawaii, USA (19-Dec-13)
  • German; Morphology; Writing Systems: Researcher, Institut für Deutsche Sprache (IDS), Mannheim, Baden-Würtemberg, Germany (09-Oct-13)
  • Multiple Languages; Computational Linguistics; Language Documentation; Morphology; Writing Systems: Technical Writer, Oracle Corporation, District of Columbia, USA (09-Jul-13)
  • English; Historical Linguistics; Sociolinguistics; Text/Corpus Linguistics; Writing Systems; Archives and Documents: Post Doc, University of Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway (27-May-13)
  • English & General Linguistics: Asst/Assoc Professor, Khalifa University, United Arab Emirates (22-Dec-10)
  • Writing Systems and Computational Linguistics: Software Engineer, Systran Software, Inc., California, USA (28-Sep-10)
  • Indonesian; Thai; Malay & Lexicography: Consultant, Nuance Communications, Inc., Telecommute (08-Aug-07)
  • Lexicography; Various Languages (01-Feb-07)
  • Japanese&Japanese Family & Japanese: Programmer, America Online, VA, USA (23-Jun-05)
  • Dutch;English;French;German, Standard;Italian;Spanish & General Linguistics: Information Analyst, Ask Jeeves Inc., Ireland (07-Jan-05)
    Journals Journal(s)
  • Writing Systens Research - - Psychology Press (28-Aug-12)
  • Idil Journal of Art and Language - - Esas (16-Jul-12)
  • Journal of Turkology Studies - - ICE Group (11-May-12)
  • English Linguistics Research - - Sciedu Press (04-May-12)
  • Sintagma. Journal of Linguistics - - Universitat de Lleida (24-Jan-12)
  • Journal of Semitic Languages - - ICE Group (01-Nov-11)
  • Journal of Academic and Applied Studies (JAAS) - - International Association for Academians (24-Jun-11)
  • Acta Linguistica Asiatica - - University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts (20-Jun-11)
  • Procedia - Social and Bahavioral Sciences - - Elsevier Ltd (06-Apr-11)
  • Writing Systems Research - - Oxford University Press (04-Apr-11)
    Programs Linguistic Programs View all the 16 results in Linguistic Programs
  • Center for Taiwanese Languages Testing (19-Feb-14)
  • Ph.D. in Linguistics (01-Aug-11)
  • International Doctoral Program in Linguistics (30-Nov-10)
  • CanIL MA Linguistics (09-Feb-10)
  • Interdisciplinary Program in Linguistics (07-Oct-09)
  • Applied Linguistics and Communication (13-Jul-09)
  • BA in Linguistics (17-Feb-08)
  • Department of Linguistics (15-Jun-07)
  • MA Applied Linguistics (16-Apr-07)
  • MA Language Development (16-Apr-07)
    Linguists Linguists View all the 364 results in Linguists
  • A, Connie - - King's College London
  • Abdal-Aziz, Yahya
  • Ahlqvist, Anders - - University of Sydney
  • Ahmad, Rizwan - - Qatar University
  • Akerejola, Ernest - - Macquarie University
  • Akhtar, Mohd - - (personal interest - not currently working at a university)
  • Akkaya, Irem - - London Metropolitan University
  • Al Ajlan, Munirah - - Kuwait University
  • Albala, Guy
  • Alexopoulou, Angelica - - National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
    Mailing Lists Mailing Lists
  • SEALANG-L < -- Southeast Asian Languages: Discussion and Announcements
    Support Announcements Support Announcements
  • English, Historical Ling, Socioling, Writing Systems, Text/Corpus Ling: PhD Student, University of Stavanger, Norway (30-May-13)
    Web Resources Web Resources: (Bilingual and Multilingual Dictionaries;Fonts: IPA and Linguistic;Language Links;Linguistics Exercises & Aids;Natural Languages;Online Paper Archives;Societies;Software: Other Software Tools;Writing Systems)
    View all the 76 results in Web Resources
    Bilingual and Multilingual Dictionaries:

  • Online Maya Hieroglyphic Dictionary : FAMSI announces a unique online Maya dictionary. Glyphic signs and Maya sounds at your fingertips, for beginners and experts alike. Our newest resource provides: - Maya pronunciations - English glosses - Grammatical usage - Thompson numbers, and more. The Online Dictionary is based on, and is a companion to, John Montgomery’s Maya Hieroglyphic Dictionary from Hippocrene Books. The dictionary will be updated monthly by Dr. Peter Mathews with the latest findings of Maya epigraphers. (25-Jul-02)

    Fonts: IPA and Linguistic:

  • Truetype fonts by Curtis Clark : Celtic ogham, Elder futhark, Linear B, etc. (17-May-01)

    Language Links:

  • Creek Language Archive : A collection of letters, stories, pedagogical materials, and songs, sometimes with sound recordings, in the Creek (Muskogee) language of east-central Oklahoma. (03-Sep-01)

    Linguistics Exercises & Aids:

  • Omniglot : A guide to over 100 different alphabets, syllabaries and other writing systems. (28-Aug-01)

    Natural Languages:

  • Trouble with Indian Names : Writers who use the English language to write about India are always faced with a dilemma on how best to spell the Indian names. A brief summary of common problems is listed here. (31-Jul-02)
  • Creek Language Archive : A collection of letters, stories, pedagogical materials, and songs, sometimes with sound recordings, in the Creek (Muskogee) language of east-central Oklahoma. (03-Sep-01)

    Online Paper Archives:

  • Linguistics Working Papers Directory : On-line Linguistics Working Papers Directory (LWPD), published by Cascadilla Press. (26-Sep-01)


  • IPOL Instituto de Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Política Lingüística : El IPOL es un instituto independiente de investigación y desarollo que actua en programas de planificación linguística en educación (lenguas minoritárias, indigenas o de imigración) y en asesoria / consultoria linguística a entidades gubernamentales, no-gubernamentales y supra-nacionales (Mercosur, Lusofonia). (26-Mar-02)

    Software: Other Software Tools:

  • MtRecode : A Character Conversion program. (04-Jun-01)

    Writing Systems:

  • Trouble with Indian Names : Writers who use the English language to write about India are always faced with a dilemma on how best to spell the Indian names. A brief summary of common problems is listed here. (31-Jul-02)