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·Babelzone: Babelzone is an e-learning tool for teaching French and Spanish to children aged 3-11 years. Using songs, games, animated stories, and activities children can have fun while learning. The website is suitable for use on home PC's and on interactive whiteboards. Subscription charge applies.
·Grammar Monster: Intuitive English grammar software primarily for native English speakers
·Greek for Beginners: Filoglossia+: The Filoglossia+ series consists of educational multimedia for learning Greek as a foreign language, supported by English and addressed to beginners with little or no previous knowledge of Greek. The program is mainly based on the communicative approach and focuses on the production and comprehension of both oral and written speech. The basic features of the program are summed up below: -User-friendly and attractive interface -Plenty of video and audio files (with the participation of native speakers) -Links between texts and video -Recording facilities -English translations -Pronunciation exercises -Listening and reading comprehension exercises -Vocabulary exercises -Spelling exercises -Grammar exercises -Useful phrases -Automatic phonetic transcription of any Greek word -Pronunciation of any Greek word by a synthetic voice -Bilingual electronic dictionaries (Greek-English) including examples of use, noun declension and verb tenses -Cultural aspects of ancient and contemporary Greek civilisation
·Langled - the best way to learn languages: is a useful resource for language learners. It contains free language courses, samples of language exams, features to communicate with other users in foreign languages, free movies, radio and tv channels, audiobooks in many languages.
·Learn German Online with Flashcards: * New Vocabulary is added slow or fast, depending on how fast you learn * You can listen to every word in CD quality (Native Speakers from Germany) * Example sentences for most words * Most frequent German words are taught first * Basic Membership is free
·Learn Greek online free: Greek grammar, exercises, online resources, puzzles, cultural activities and phrases with sound.
· LinguaeLive is a free web tool. It allows teachers to connect their students to practice each other's languages in peer tandems. allows any instructor to connect with colleagues teaching complementary language classes across the globe. These instructors can then link their students for peer-to-peer communication. This site is free and open to all, thanks to an SSHRC grant. can help students improve their language and cultural skills and make connections abroad.
·Nikamo - Language Learning Software: Nikamo is language learning software designed to teach human languages. It is general purpose software which means that it is designed to allow any language group to take advantage of it. If your language is not currently implemented, you are welcome to create a translation file. There are a number of different modules that you can utilize including
·Online Spanish Course: Audio Flashcard Website to learn Spanish with Flashcards, explained Sentences and Texts.
·Selingua: Selingua is a vocabulary training program for Windows with extensive built-in dictionaries -- more than 2000 words in each of the following languages: English (both American and British), German, Spanish, French and Swedish. Selingua is freeware.
·Sixty - An ESL vocabulary building game: Quickly learn the most commonly used english vocabulary online through gaming
·Synonyms For: Free online synonyms finder for more effective synonyms research. A more effective option for easily finding synonyms on the fly is to have another website open and ready for your use.
·Verbix -- Verb Conjugations: This site focuses on verb inflections. More than 40 languages included.