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Bilingual and Multilingual Dictionaries

·Akronyme / Acronyms [Deutsch/English] from Berlin: Acronyms and abbreviations (English-German).
·Alabama Language: Alabama (Muskogean) dictionary.
·Ancient Greek-Russian Lexicon: Computer version of the Greek-Russian Lexicon by Dvoretsky: 70500 words with quotations from ancient authors. Program allows to search both the word articles and the total text of the dictionary.
·ARTFL Project: French Dictionaries from the 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th Centuries: Simultaneously query Jean Nicot's Thresor de la langue française (1606), Jean-François Féraud's Dictionaire critique de la langue française (1787-1788), Émile Littré's Dictionnaire de la langue française (1872-1877) and the Dictionnaire de L'Académie française 1st (1694), 4th (1762), 5th (1798), 6th (1835), and 8th (1932-5) editions.
·A-Z Dictionary of Modern France: The Online A-Z dictionary of modern France is a unique freely accessible glossary covering people, institutions and life in Modern France. It includes the fields of business, politics, institutions, major events, major organisations, many acronyms in common use, plus many other points of reference in modern France, from AB to ZUP – words and names that are part and parcel of modern French life. As an example of its diversity, it explains bison futé, CCI, Le Monde, the FCPE, k-bis, Gauloises, Martine Aubry, Grand cru, plan DSK, the ASSEDIC, a PACS, the SMIC, an SDF, autoentrepreneur, and over 800 other headwords which need no explaining to an educated person in France, are used every day in the media and in conversation, but can be completely lost on a reader or listener outside France.
· online dictionary: The language portal offers the English-Italian bilingual dictionary, verb conjugation tables,vocabulary lessons, phrase dictionaries and much more.
· is a language portal which offers not only free online dictionaries but also vocabulary lessons, a phrasebook,games, quizzes and much more.
·Chinese Character Genealogy: An etymological Chinese-English dictionary.
·Chinese Dictionary: Chinese dictionary that teaches you how to write in Chinese calligraphy with high quality animations.
·Chinese - English Dictionary: Online Chinese - English Dictionary searchable by Pinyin, English or Chinese (Traditional or Simplified).
·Chinese-English Dictionary: Chinese-English dictionary for both Transitional and Simplified Chinese.
·CLUVI English-Galician Dictionary (EN<->GL): The English-Galician CLUVI Dictionary (CLIG), developed by the SLI (Computational Linguistics Group of the University of Vigo), is a bilingual dictionary based on a representative corpus of English texts with their Galician translation. That parallel corpus is part of the Linguistic Corpus of the University of Vigo (CLUVI), available at All the English words in the dictionary are found in the CLUVI Corpus, as well as all of the Galician translations. Each of the selected bilingual equivalences is illustrated with a real usage example as found in the CLUVI Corpus.
·Collins Dictionaries | Always Free Online: Dictionaries, Thesaurus, and Translation
·Collins Online Dictionaries with Lexibase: Free Online Dictionaries including English definitions, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Portuguese translations and more ... Over 2 million translations, user-friendly interface with colors, fast response time. Offered by Reverso / Softissimo with Lexibase technology.
·Context Online Translator: Free online dictionaries in a variety of languages (e.g., French, German, Spanish, Serbian) as well as specialized topical English-Russian dictionaries (e.g., chemistry, food, legal, technical) that are browsable and searchable.
·Cümle çeviri: dictionaries, grammars, compilations, texts in/on/of Turkic language.
·DeP - German-Polish, Polish-German dictionary: DeP is a FREE large bidirectional German-Polish, Polish-German online dictionary with efficient search options.
·Deutsch - Spanisch Wörterbuch & Übersetzung: Free and fast Online Dictionary & Translation of more than 156.000 Spanish - German words, voice option and community support.
· Online dictionaries: Spanish<>English, Spanish<> French, Spanish<> Catalan. Plus monolingual Spanish.
·Diccionario zoque de Copainalá: Bilingual zoque-Spanish dictionary, scanned PDF of a book originally published in print in 1981.
·dict2 - The Web2.0 Dictionary: dict2 is a web2.0 dictionary with translations into 7 languages (realtime results).
·Dictionaries Galore!: Dictionaries Galore! has collected and organized links to over 7,000 lexicons and language-related links into its Language Learning Links Library: World CALL Directory. It is a HUGE resource database for all major languages online. Its Language Learning Links Library is a vital Virtual Encyclopedia for Language Education and Research in over 120 languages.
·Dictionary: Dictionarist provides translations with pronunciation and sound in english, turkish, spanish, portuguese, german, french, italian, russian, dutch, greek, chinese, japanese and korean languages.
·Dictionary of Library and Information Science: This is a compilation of the terminology, both general and specific, that students and professionals generally encounter when reading library and information literature. 89,831 entries. Last update December 2003
·Dictionary on Business and Finances: Comprehensive dictionary of Business and Finance terms. Both directions English and Spanish. Very updated.
·Dictionary Spanish-Valencian: On-line searcheable dictionary Spanish-Valencian / Valencian-Spanish. 60.000 words. Enter a word and get the word in the opposite language.
·Dictionnaire Jóola Kujamaat: Folklore and Language materials collected in the 1960s among the Kujamaat Jóola (Diola Fogny) who live in the Casamance region of Sénégal. Includes: PDF versions of the Kujamaat-Jóola language dictionary with French and English translations; Detailed information on Kujamaat-Phonetics; Academic works on Kujamaat-Jóola; Folklore materials
·Digital Sonata - dictionary tools & dictionaries: Digital Sonata's Carabao Linguistic Kit allows, among other capabilities, the creation of machine-readable OLIF XML lexicons from semi-structured dictionaries
·Dizionario Dialetto Milanese/ Italiano: Dictionary Milanese - Italiano.
·e-DICT - English-Polish, Polish-English dictionary: e-DICT is a FREE large bidirectional English-Polish, Polish-English online dictionary with efficient search options.
·Editorial Smsifo: Free resources including Urdu-Spanish/Spanish-Urdu mini-vocabularies; Slovak-Spanish vocabulary lists; Albanian-Spanish vocabulary lists, grammar resources, and online dictionary link; Indonesian-Spanish online dictionary link.
·ELDIT: German-Italian/Italian-German Electronic Learner's Dictionary. Requires login and password, but is a free resource offering highly detailed lexical and grammatical information in German and Italian.
·Elovivo - Defining Language Learning: is an authorable multilingual dictionary and language learning community. Users can add words, pronunciation, definitions, sample sentences and translations in multiple languages. All added content is ranked by the community to ensure the highest quality submissions are displayed first. Registered members of Elovivo can contribute to the dictionary, create and save favorite word lists, message friends and find language exchange partners.
·Engels Nederlands: Online multilingual translation application. The page is in Dutch.
·English-Afrikaans On-line Dictionary: This dictionary database is from the freeware multilingual program Ergane. It contains 4,000 terms.
·English-Albanian and Albanian-English Dictionary: A English<->Tosk Albanian dictionary, with approximating search options, principle parts of some irregular verbs, and irregular plurals of many nouns.
·English-Deutsch und Deutsch-English: An online English<> German dictionary.
·English-Estonian: An online English <> Estonian dictionary.
·English-Hindi-Kashmiri online dictionary: An English-Hindi-Kashmiri Trilingual Dictionary (Beta Version) created by the Language Technology Group.
·English > Italian dictionary of chemistry, industrial chemistry and biotechnologies: English > Italian dictionary of chemistry, industrial chemistry and biotechnologies with 3000 entries. Updated weekly with new terms and acronyms.
·English-Latvian-English dictionary: English <> Latvian dictionary from Tilde SIA.
·English-Polish Dictionary of Phrases: Online English-Polish Dictionary of Collocational Phrases, browsable but not searchable.
·English-Romanian Dictionary of Equivalent Proverbs: The second edition of the English-Romanian Dictionary of Equivalent Proverbs.
·English - Sanskrit hypertext dictionary for spoken Sanskrit: This is an bilingual online hypertext dictionary English - Sanskrit. It focuses on spoken Sanskrit. Like in a Wiki, entries can be added and edited. The hypertext feature makes it easy to re-translate words of the result list. Output in Latin as well as Devanagari script is provided.
·English to Rohingya Dictionary: English to Rohingya Dictionary.
·English to Russian Phonetic Index: Simple string search of English words; returns the Russian word in an intuitive American English transliteration.
·English Turkish Dictionary of Psychology: A comprehensive English Turkish dictionary of psychology and related fields with definitions in Turkish compiled and edited by a psychologist.
·English Turkish Idioms Dictionary: An open, searchable dictionary of idioms with Turkish translations and examples. The database is preloaded with an English index, and both users and editors contribute to the dictionary.
·ETS Online Dictionaries: Online dictionaries in several languages for Latin, Finnish, German, and Russian.
·Etymological Table Dictionaries of Indo-European languages: Etymological dictionary of Indo-European languages in table form on-line. Links are to Excel files.
·Fedon Kadifeli's English-Turkish dictionary of computer terms: A searchable list of English and Turkish computer words and terms.
·FinnWordNet: FinnWordNet – the Finnish WordNet is a Finnish lexical database with approximately 117,000 concepts. The words in FinnWordNet are grouped according to their meaning into concepts represented by synonym sets forming a semantic network in the same way as the Princeton WordNet. The FinnWordNet can be used interactively as a bilingual Finnish-English-Finnish dictionary for finding translations in their semantic context. The FinnWordNet database is freely available and can be downloaded for research and language technology applications.
·Fora Plain Reader: Multilingual dictionary shell especially useful for reading text files and web-based documents.
·Foreign Language Dictionaries: site provides information about electronic pocket dictionaries,foreign language translators, and resources to learning a foreign language, as well as free online dictionaries.
· Online dictionary with English to Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian , Japanese, Latin, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, and Swedish.
·Free Multilingual Online Medical Dictionary: Free Multilingual Online Medical Dictionary. Public can freely contribute.
·From Language to Language: An online translation dictionary of seven major European languages. Also includes alphabets and grammar information for travel.
·German Englisch distionary and spellcheck: German - English translation, spell check, misspelling, synonyms. Over 600000 records.
·German-English Dictionary: German - English Dictionary. A simple dictionary based on a wordlist of about 130,000 entries.
·German-English Dictionary: German-English dictionary reviewed and maintained by a German native. It contains gender and plural form of each noun.
·German-English, English-German dictionary: Extensive German-English and English-German dictionary (750,000 translation pairs).
·Glossaire pour le fabricant de savon: A collection of terms, definitions and acronyms related to the art of soap making.
·GMBR Bush Pilots Male Secretaries: Free translation to almost any language
·Gujarati-English Learner's Dictionary: First dictionary of Gujarati language that describes head words in IPA.
·Hablaa Online Dictionary: is an Online Dictionary translating from/into the following languages: German, French, English, Italian,Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch and many more language pairs. It is based on crowdsourcing approach. Everyone can contribute to the existing dictionaries by entering/correcting new translation pairs.
·Hebrew - Aramaic Dictionary: An on-line Hebrew-Aramaic dictionary for the Lishan-Didan Dialect, spoken surrounding lake Urmia in persian Azerbaijan and eastern Turkey. The dictionary now includes over 1,000 words, indexed, categorized and searchable.
·Heinzelnisse: Norwegian <> German Dictionary and Grammar
·Ingilizce deyim, tabir ve atasozleri: English idioms, expressions and proverbs in Turkish.
·İngilizce Sözlük: Online Turkish-English and English-Turkish dictionary.
· Online English/Afrikaans translator and dictionaries between English/Afrikaans, Dutch/Afrikaans, German/Afrikaans, etc.
·Irish Dictionary: This community-based effort offers a free and open Irish dictionary. The content is maintained by its members, and any visitor can suggest a new word.
·Italian-English Dictionary: Italian-English Dictionary containing basic vocabulary, gender, plural, past tense and future tense where applicable.
·Japanese-English Dictionary: Japanese-English dictionary containing Romanji and practical examples of how to use each word.
·Japanese <-> Ukrainian Online Dictionary: Japanese <-> Ukrainian Online Dictionary at the moment consists of 20,000 words. Number of word is gradually growing. All words are divided into categories. Dictionary is free to use.
·Japplis online dictionaries: This site has multilingual online dictionaries. It contains 15 languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Hebrew, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Russian, Latin and Czech.
·Jim Breen's WWW JDIC: Excellent group of Japanese <> English dictionaries.
·Jishobot: A simple English / Japanese dictionary. Accepts any kanji, kana, romaji, or English, and provides thorough definitions for over 130,000 words.
·Jonsay online language dictionaries: English translated into Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese (simplified), Dutch, Tagalog, Bisaya, with the use of word lists.
·Kamus Jot (Jots Woerterbuch): German <> Indonesian online dictionary.
·Kanji Dictionary: Kanji dictionary that teaches you how to write in Japanese calligrapy with high quality animations.
·Kanji Networks: Dictionary of Chinese characters arranged by word families within overarching conceptual networks. Secondary and tertiary etymological glosses oriented toward present-day usages of the characters specifically in Japan.
·KirzeN - The International Dictionary: A new, online dictionary, where you can find single-word translations in more than 40 languages. There are many pictures, videos, and pronunciation samples.
·Konkani Language Resources & Dictionary: Konkani language resources. Comprehensive Konkani <-> English Dictionary, word lists, proverbs, idioms, metaphors etc. A very handy resource for those interested in learning the Konkani language.
·Korean-English Dictionary: Korean-English dictionary containing Romanizations. Learn how to pronounce Korean words fast.
·Laixicon: Laixicon is the Technical Dictionary for Engineers on the World Wide Web.
·Language Museum: Samples of 1200 languages in the world.
·Languages of Suriname: This site has dictionaries of 5 languages in Suriname: Aukan, Carib, Saramaccan, Sarnami Hindustani, and Sranan Tongo. It also contains some dictionaries of historical interest from the 18th and 19th century in some of these languages.
·Le grand dictionnaire terminologique: 3 million terms in French and English in 200 domains (Office de la langue francaise du Quebec).
·LEO (Link Everything Online) German <> English Dictionary: An online English <> German dictionary.
·Lexibase Online: Lexibase Online - Multilingual online dictionaries based on authoritative content such as HarperCollins dictionaries and Lexibase technology: German, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, English dictionary & thesaurus and more …
·Lexicographical Corpus of Portuguese / Corpus Lexicográfico do Português: The Lexicographical Corpus of Portuguese (CLP) is a database of electronic texts in Portuguese. It contains the electronic transcription and edition of some of the most important dictionaries from the 17th and 18th centuries. The selected texts are generally considered the most important monuments of portuguese dictionary tradition for their dimension, reception and documental value. - Jerónimo Cardoso, Dictionarium iuventuti studiosae (1562, aliás 1551); Dictionarium ex lusitanico in latinum sermonem (1562); Dictionarium Latinolusitanicum (1569/70); Breve dictionarium vocum ecclesiasticarum (1569); De monetis (1569, aliás 1561) - Pedro de Poiares, Diccionario Lusitanico-Latino de Nomes Proprios (1667) - Bento Pereira, Prosodia Tesouro (1697) - Rafael Bluteau, Vocabulario Portuguez e Latino (1712-1728) - António Franco (F. Pomey), Indiculo Universal (1716) With this project we made available, in a digital format, the complete text of those dictionaries and it’s now possible to retrieve indexes off all the words, which are found in them. The CLP/Diciweb intends to become a source of lexical and semantic documented information for linguistic and literary studies, assisting the reading of the literary and non-literary texts of classical and modern portuguese. We intend to gradually enlarge the database, adding bilingual dictionaries, grammatical and orthographical texts, that currently are being studied and edited by master and PhD students, related to the project.
·Lexico para la introduccion al estudio de la lengua hitita: An introductory Hittite-Spanish lexicon.
·lexilogos: A selection of online dictionaries (written in French).
·Limburgish Academy Foundation (Stiechting Limbörgse Academie): The Limburgish Academy Foundation (Stiechting Limbörgse Academie) announces the launch of If you're interested in the Germanic languages, this is a pretty nifty development. The main goal of the Limburgish Academy is to make Limburgish accessible to both scholars and a wider audience. The website is trilingual (English, Limburgish, Dutch) and contains background information on the foundation and many contemporary aspects of the Limburgish language, including a 70 page history of Limburgish, its usage and its literature. There’s an extensive lexicon, tons of references on literature, performance arts, songs and other works in the language, as well as academic research, dictionaries and many other catalogues. Also, an extensive history of the language and its usage and literature against the backdrop of Limburg’s history is available online. The open source also contains four online dictionaries, each in two parts: a Public Dictionary viewable to all visiting the site and a Work Dictionary only viewable for those users that are logged in. The Limburgish-Dutch dictionary currently contains 67,000 words (30,000 in the Public Dictionary and another 37,000 in the Work Dictionary). The Limburgish-English dictionary currently contains about 30,000 words (several hundreds in the Public dictionaries and another 30,000 in the Work Dictionary). The Dutch-Limburgish and English-Limburgish dictionaries currently contains several thousand entries solely in the Work Dictionary. As entries are complete we will continue to move content to the Public Dictionaries. This West Germanic variety has, it seems like, been grossly underappreciated by most specialists save for a small set. Here’s your chance to get acquainted!
· - The web as a dictionary: permits you to sift through enormous volumes of translated texts for words and word combinations. As of today, this service is now available for the language pairs German-English, Spanish-English, French-English and Portuguese-English. It handles more than 800,000 searches each day.
·Lingvosoft online dictionaries: Online dictionaries for 12 languages
·LOGOS: An interactive multilingual dictionary which covers a variety of languages from Europe, the Middle East, as well as American English.
·LookWAYup dictionary: Web site and free software tool. Look up any word on any web page by double-clicking it or by typing it (it corrects spelling along the way), without leaving the web page. Explore related terms; look up any word in the definition. Uses AI to query search engines for related information. Translate to German, French, Spanish, etc. For Netscape, IE, Palm, cell phones.
·Majstro Translation Dictionary: An Online multilingual translation dictionary that uses Esperanto and English as pivot languages to translate words between many other languages.
·Meadow Mari - English Vocabulary: A slowly expanding word list of Meadow Mari and English.
·Mehrsprachiges Wörterbuch: Wörterbuch Deutsch in 40 Sprachen von Albanisch bis Vietnamesisch. Keyboard für Originalschriften
· Electronic project updating the Tok Pisin (Papua New Guinea Pidgin) dictionary of Fr. Frank Mihalic
·Millions of Pretranslated English Turkish Sentences: An English Turkish dictionary containing millions of pretranslated sentences in both languages.
·Milon Morfix (Hebrew-English English-Hebrew): Very good and complete translating dictionary between English and Hebrew. (Note: All hebrew words are in Hebrew font because this is an Israeli site, there are no roman alphabet transliterarions.)
·MoBiDictionary: One-click lookup in numerous MoBiDic dictionaries and internet glossaries.
·Mobile Translator: Free online talking translator between more than 50 languages for computers, mobile devices and cell phones, including phones having non-JavaScript browsers. User interface available in more than 20 languages.
·Multilang Kurmancî Dictionary: Kurmancî is the linguistic magazine, published twice a year since 1987, to spread the results of the Kurdish Institute's linguistic seminars on problems of terminology and standardization of the Kurdish language.
·Multilingual Dictionary: Online Multilingual Talking Dictionary with support English to/from Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Greek, Turkish languages.
·Multilingual dictionary of idioms: WikIdioms ( - a crowd-source project of multilingual translation of idioms, phrasal verbs, expressions and other kinds of collocations. The site contains now circa two thousand expressions in several languages and is rapidly growing due to the efforts of our fellow translators.
·Multilingual Phrase Dictionary: Input a keyword(s) and see typical related phrases translated simultaneously into French, Spanish, Italian and German.
·MWN.PT - MultiWordNet of Portuguese: MWN.PT - MultiWordnet of Portuguese is a lexical semantic network for the Portuguese language shaped under the ontological model of wordnets. MWN.PT 1.0 spans over 17,200 manually validated concepts/synsets, linked under the semantic relations of hyponymy/ hypernymy. These concepts are made of over 21,000 word senses/word forms and 16,000 lemmas from both European and American variants of Portuguese. They are aligned with the translationally equivalent concepts of the English Princeton WordNet and, transitively, of the MultiWordNets of Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Romanian and Latin. MWN.PT was developed and is mantained by the NLX-Natural Language and Speech Group at the University of Lisbon, Department of Informatics (
·My French Picture Dictionary: Each word in the dictionary has an English - French translation and a photograph of the item.
·My Hebrew Dictionary: My Hebrew Dictionary is an online resource containing groups of English words translated into Hebrew.
·My Hebrew Picture Dictionary: Online resource to learn Hebrew words in a fun way. Each word in the dictionary has an English and Hebrew translation and transliteration and a photograph of the item.
·New Russian-Bulgarian Comparative Dictionary: Towards a new type of bilingual dictionary: an on-line Russian-Bulgarian comparative dictionary. The dictionary now includes over 1,100 words, indexed, categorized and searchable. We intend to gradually enlarge the database, adding parallel lemmas and corpus example sentences, grammatical and orthographical texts.
·Northern Sami - English Vocabulary: A slowly expanding word list of Northern Sami and English.
·Odge Wörterbuch - Übersetzung Deutsch-Englisch: Das odge (Online Dictionary German-English) bietet Ihnen mehr als 210.000 Wörter und die dazu passenden Übersetzungen. Mit unserem Service müssen Sie nicht mehr Wörterbücher aus Papier wälzen - ein Klick genügt. Dieser Service ist garantiert völlig kostenlos für Sie. Überzeugen Sie sich selbst von unserer Qualität:
·Offline Japanese-English/German Kanji Dictionary and Translation Tool: Offline Japanese-English and Japanese-German kanji dictionary with 6,500 characters and 47,000 compounds (jukugo), animated stroke order display, multiple search options, automatic translation of kanji and jukugo in Japanese Email, HMTL or Word-documents.
·Online Dictionary: Free for casual use, look up English & French definitions and translate words into other popular languages. Accessible from any web connection, you're never without a dictionary or thesaurus. Page also offers free dictionary widgets for bloggers and web page designers.
·Online English-Chinese Dictionaries: Welcome to the Active Dictionaries website! This site is built with the latest web interactive technology to give a desktop-like user experience on a wide variety of words in an English-Chinese dictionary collection. It supports the following features: * English to Chinese and Chinese to English two way look up * Search word in both regular and professional libraries * Auto-completion support when you type the word * Natural voice pronunciation on English/Chinese word/phrase/sentence
·Online English Hindi dictionary.: This is an online English Hindi Dictionary for easy reference.
·Online English Spanish Dictionary: We offer English Spanish translation software, Online Translation and English Spanish dictionaries with Synonyms, Antonyms, Verb Conjugations, Reverse Conjugation, Definitions in English and Spanish, Usage Examples and Color Pictures.
·Online Japanese Kanji Dictionary: Free dictionary for learning Kanji of Japanese language used in daily life. Each character is presented by a grade, stroke count, stroke order, English meaning, phonetic reading, native Japanese reading, and examples. You can also listen to the pronunciation.
·Online Maya Hieroglyphic Dictionary: FAMSI announces a unique online Maya dictionary. Glyphic signs and Maya sounds at your fingertips, for beginners and experts alike. Our newest resource provides: - Maya pronunciations - English glosses - Grammatical usage - Thompson numbers, and more. The Online Dictionary is based on, and is a companion to, John Montgomery’s Maya Hieroglyphic Dictionary from Hippocrene Books. The dictionary will be updated monthly by Dr. Peter Mathews with the latest findings of Maya epigraphers.
·Online/SMS Translator: Free online translator - translate any text from/to any language faster than you type! Available on your computer, laptop, netbook and mobile phone, both online and by SMS. User interface available in more than 40 languages.
·Online Swahili - English Dictionary: Free online dictionary with over 15000 Swahili to English entries, as well as a search function that supports Swahili verb decomposition.
·Online Translation and Dictionaries: Free online translation with 80 different languages. Translate any text with unlimited characters into the language you want.
·Online Translator: On this site you will find several translation tools on one page for translating words, text and websites. You can also to find synonyms and definitions of words in various languages.
·Online Wörterbuch de-pl und de-ru: Online Wörterbuch Deutsch-Polnisch und Deutsch-Russisch
·Online-Wörterbücher zur Linguistik / Online dictionaries of linguistics: A collection of online dictionaries, glossaries, and lexicons of linguistics or of branches of linguistics. Mostly English, German and French.
· Dictionary: German-English-German idioms and phrases
·Pidgin/English Dictionary: Pidgin/English Dictionary as spoken in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. List compiled by Terry D. Barhorst and Sylvia O'Dell-Barhorst.
·Polgloss - Polish English Meta Dictionary: Simultaneously search a large number of carefully selected on-line English, Polish and bilingual dictionaries and glossaries. Tool developed by a translator for both translators and language learners. Uses Google custom search.
·Polish English Financial Dictionary: Polish English on-line Financial Dictionary. For English language version please visit:
· High quality international dictionary and language tools. German-based online dictionary offering translations in a variety of languages (e.g., Spanish-German, German-Slovenian, French-English), including visual dictionaries and a dictionary of German spelling.
·Proper names translator: More than 300 bilingual dictionaries extracted from Wikipedia.
·Queen Anna's New World of Words, by John Florio: An Italian-to-English dictionary, plus a grammar. 1611 edition. This site is images, plus a search function which will redirect you to the correct image in the dictionary, based on an Italian word. Not as good as full-text search, but a lot better than flipping pages by hand.
·RomajiDesu English Japanese dictionary: RomajiDesu is a bi-directional English-Japanese dictionary where the user just need to type your word into a single input. The input may be Japanese (Kanji, Hiragana, or Katakana), Romaji or English. The dictionary will find the appropriate definition with audio pronunciation and example sentences. RomajiDesu also includes a Kanji dictionary with a multiple Kanji radical lookup method.
·Romanian-English dictionary: The most popular Romanian-English dictionary, with audio pronunciation, many examples, integrated translator and so on.
·Russian-English Dictionary: Russian-English dictionary containing thousands of words and synonymns.
·Russian-English online dictionary: Offers 1.6 million lexical units in 300 fields of knowledge and is among the most comprehensive Russian-English lexical resources. Includes a dictionary database and parallel corpora with a relevance-based search feature.
·SA Dictionary: English-Bulgarian/Bulgarian-English Dictionary containing about 200,000 entries.
·Sanskrit, Tamil and pahlavi Dictionaries: Digital version of the Madras Tamil Lexicon.
·Scots-Online: Includes an interactive Scots to Engish Dictionary.
·Sebastian's Technical Glossary: Building pathology & construction technology, architecture, civil, structural, forensic, mechanical, pavement and materials engineering terminology in American English/French/Romanian.
· - Online free dictionaries: Sensagent is an On-line dictionary containing more 250,000 entries. It contains supplements brought by numerous terminologies for specific domains (medicine, documentation etc.). You can switch from a language to 21 others by a simple click.
·SEPRAlab Architectural Dictinary v1.0: Multilingual Architectural Dictionary, contains 11408 phrases per language. Simultaneously translate 5 different language at same time. Totally free for use.
·Seznam Slovník: Czech<>English, Czech<>German, Czech<>French, Czech<>French, Czech<>Russian, Czech<>Portuguese, Czech<>Spanish, Czech<>Italian
·Slovak-Russian online dictionary: Slovak-Russian, Russian-Slovak online dictionary. Slovak language for Russian speakers.
·Slovene-Dutch dictionary: Slovene-Dutch dictionary.
·Słownik Angielsko Polski: An online English-Polish dictionary.
·South Efate dictionary: A dictionary (in progress) of South Efate, an Oceanic language from Central Vanuatu.
·Spanish-English Dictionary: Basic Spanish-English dictionary containing gender, plural, past tense, future tense and examples. Maintained by a Spanish translator.
·Sranan Tongo - English Dictionary: A bilingual Sranan Tongo - English dictionary. Fully searchable with sample sentences, part-of-speech and usage information.
·TamilCube's Modern English to Tamil dictionary online: Modern online Tamil dictionary with over 200,000 words. English to Tamil dictionary and and Tamil to English dictionary and translation online.
·Terminology Database of Innsbruck University: Collection of small LSP-centered glossaries elaborated as diploma theses at the translation department of the university of Innsbruck, Austria.
·The Konglish Dictionary: Dictionary of loan & pseudo-loan words found within the Korean language.
·Tok Pisin / Pidgin / English Online Dictionary: This site will hopefully serve as an aid for those of you who wish to learn a bit of Tok Pisin, a language that is spoken nationwide in Papua New Guinea. Tok Pisin is a fun language, as you will soon see! Have fun!
·Traduke: Multilingual dictionary to translate words between different pairs of languages. Based on multilingual collaborative resources and free software.
·Transgem: A German-English technical online dictionary. Keywords given are not strictly translations, but expressions picked out from translated texts to most nearly render the corresponding meanings. For example, users will often find a German noun and an English verb given as equivalents. The emphasis is on keywords and examples that are either not usually found in dictionaries, or not in a sufficient variety of meanings and uses.
·Translated's Free Translations: Offers a free online translation tool that is very easy to use and can translate in 169 different language combinations.
·Travlang's English-Afrikaans Dictionary: Afrikaans-English, English-Afrikaans Online dictionary.
·TriTrans: Interactive English - Spanish - Norwegian online dictionary. With an active forum where you can ask a native speaker.
·Trueterm: Language databases for several languages(dic's, thesaur., wave, etc): english, french, spanish, german, portuguese, brazilian, italian, swedish and dutch.
·Tsimshian Sm'algyax Talking Dictionary: A 5,000+ entry 'talking dictionary' of the language of the Coast Tsimshian people, developed under the auspices of the Ts'msyen Sm'algyax Authority. It includes thousands of sound files recorded by fluent speakers from every Tsimshian community. This website is based on a database maintained in LinguaLinks 5.0 software, with a custom output template that was written by Larry Hayashi. This permits constant upgrading of the database and simple uploading to the web. The site is maintained by Dr. Margaret Seguin Anderson, and is currently being updated by the addition of interlinear texts from Tsimshian adawx, with support from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. The website is hosted by the University of Northern British Columbia.
·Turkish Dictionary: Comprehensive Turkish-English and English-Turkish dictionary.
·Turkish Dictionary Online: Turkish dictionary covering technical and medical glossaries as well.
·Valencian-English Dictionary: Helps to increase Valencian-English vocabulary. It's possible to search in the two languages.
·VIRDAINAS: Sudovian/English/Sudovian Dictionary (West-Baltic Terminology).
·Vocabulario breve del triqui de San Juan Copala: This Spanish-Trique vocabulary presents the results of several decades of fieldwork in Copala Trique. In addition to the Trique-Spanish side, which contains over 2500 main entries, many with illustrative sentences, it also contains a Spanish-Trique index and a number of appendixes. One of the distinctive features of this language is the very large number of variant forms, many of which are included in this vocabulary. Because the fieldwork was carried out mainly during the 1960s and 1970s, the language described is largely that of a generation ago. The vocabulary is presented here in a preliminary form; I hope to prepare another version containing more entries and more illustrative sentences at a later time.
·Vocabulario mazateco: Brief vocabulary of Huautla Mazatec (Spanish glosses), scanned PDF of a book originally published in print in 1957.
·Vocabulario popoluca de Sayula, Veracruz, México: Bilingual popoluca-Spanish dictionary, scanned PDF of a book originally published in print in 1995.
·Vocabulario zoque de Rayón: Bilingual zoque-Spanish dictionary, scanned PDF of a book originally published in print in 1984.
·Websaru English Chinese Dictionary: Chinese learning site which is mainly an English-Chinese and Chinese-English dictionary, meanwhile offering Chinese learning aid tools like annotation tool, translation tool and so forth.
·Websaru English Japanese Dictionary: Online English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionary with translation feature.
·WinDi Multilingual Dictionaries: On-line multidirectional dictionaries in 7 languages : Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. These dictionaries include complete verb conjugation and grammar (agreements in gender and number of nouns and adjectives, German declensions).
·Wine Glossary - French/Spanish/German/English: This glossary includes those technical terms (in English, Spanish, French and German), which are most commonly found in literature on Rioja and Navarra wines. The terms have been taken from TRINOR's extensive multi-language data base of wine terminology.
·Word Magic English Spanish Dictionary: Word Magic English Spanish Dictionary
· This is an on-line English/Portuguese dictionary. For entries that are not yet included in the dictionary the user can ask about them on the language forum attached to the dictionaries.
·WordReference English-French Dictionary: Online dictionary and free browser tools; based on the Collins Paperback French Dictionary.
·WordReference English-German Dictionary: Online dictionary and free browser tools. Based on the Collins Unabridged German Dictionary.
·WordReference English-Italian Dictionary: Online dictionary and free browser tools. Based on the Collins Italian Dictionary.
·WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary: Online dictionary and free browser tools. Based on the Collins Concise Spanish Dictionary.
·Woxikon - Dictionary: Online Dictionary. Translation into 5 languages. German, English, Spanish, French, Italian.
·Yaghnobi-Tajik-English lexicon: Online version of a trilingual Yaghnobi-Tajik-English dictionary that I compiled while living in Tajikistan last year. I hope that this online dictionary will be the catalyst for some productive online collaboration with other students and scholars of Iranian languages.

Dictionary Meta Sites

·, comprehensive dictionary index. Search dictionary by language, subject...
·All in one. References - Dictionaries - Translators: In a small, easy to use pop-up window. Resize it as you wish and keep it at the corner of your screen until you need it.
·alphaDictionary: Language resource with grammars, dictionaries, authoritative articles on various aspects of language.
·Centre for Lexicography: Centre for Lexicography is a research centre affiliated to the University of Aarhus, Denmark. The aim of centre is to carry out research into dictionary theory in a wider sense and it has built a solid, international reputation in that field. The focus areas of the centre are: the conception of dictionaries, the compilation of dictionaries, the maintenance of dictionaries, the needed software for editing and publishing printed and online dictionaries, and advice on language policies. The centre has published several printed dictionaries and developed a number of online dictionaries freely available on the Internet and its staff regularly publish research papers in international academic journals.
·Dictionaries and Translators: An attempt to present as many online dictionaries as possible, representing over 100 different languages.
·Dictionaries in 70 languages: This page contains a list of topics about languages including dictionaries, translation, language acquisition, phonetics with audio files and much more in most of the popular languages, from Afrikaans to Zulu.
·ETS Online Dictionaries: Online dictionaries in several languages for Latin, Finnish, German, and Russian.
·Examining the OED: This site investigates the choice and representation of sources on which the Oxford English Dictionary is founded. Drawing on both electronic and archival resources, it illuminates the variations in OED’s coverage of texts and periods and provides a history of the OED in its various editions (including the current revision, OED3). It also includes a study of the use of quotations in two previous dictionaries (Johnson and Richardson), a downloadable library of a selection of academic articles on OED, scanned images of historical documents from the OED archives at Oxford University Press, and an extensive bibliography.
·GMS, Gesellschaft far multilinguale Systeme: With over 190 linguists and software engineers, Sail Labs aims offers information in the area known as Natural Language Understanding, a technology which allows computers to be controlled by language in its natural spoken or written form or to process data of this kind.
·ILV-Mexico: Dictionaries and other language materials on indigenous languages of Mexico.
·JRD - Translation Links: More than 4800 glossaries and other links for translators and linguists.
·Langenberg: Direct links to many dictionaries.
· Complete and easy access to a large set of lexical statistics. The originality of this website is that many datasets can be queried directly from the website.
· - Directory of Translation Dictionaries: is one of the most comprehensive directories of free bilingual and multilingual dictionaries and glossaries on the Internet. The site has a fully searchable database, with over two thousand titles referenced.
·Martindale's Language and Translation Center: A large listing of dictionary resources, representing over 80 languages of the world.
·OmegaWiki: A wiki-based multilingual dictionary aiming at describing all words in all languages. It includes definitions (also in several languages) and translations, as well as lexical data (antonyms, hypernyms, etc.)
·Pagina de los diccionarios: Reviews of Spanish dictionaries and encyclopaedias. Resources on Spanish dictionaries.
·Scottish Language Dictionaries: Scottish Language Dictionaries (SLD) aims in particular to develop Scottish lexicography, building on the achievements of the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (DOST) and the Scottish National Dictionary Association (SNDA). SLD aims to advance the recognition of Scots in all its guises: * above all, as the living language spoken daily by millions of Scots. In this guise it is known diversely as 'the dialect', 'the Doric' (in the North-East), and (in the South) as often as not, just 'the wey oo speak'. SLD fulfils its broad aims in the following ways: * by recording the language in its Word Collection * by providing the material for a major New Supplement to the Scottish National Dictionary * by supporting the production of the Dictionary of the Scots Language (DSL) * by using these resources to update existing dictionaries and develop new ones.
·Search Dictionaries: A free tool to search definitions in almost all online dictionaries and even printed dictionaries.
·swengelsk: All kinds of dictionaries and glossaries within English and Swedish.
·THE GREAT CORPUS OF FRENCH LANGUAGE DICTIONARIES [9th – 20th CENTURY]: The Great Corpus of dictionaries gathers the 24 most important dictionaries on French language, in total about 200 000 pages (2 500 signs per page), 900 000 entries and definitions. It is the greatest collection today available on the subject.
·Wordelizer: On stop analysis of a word or subject. For word lovers!

Monolingual Dictionaries and Lexicons

·Acronym Finder: A database containing 133,00+ common acronyms and abbreviations about all subjects, with a focus on computers, technology, telecommunications, and the military.
·A Dictionary of English Sound: A phonosemantic dictionary of English monosyllables.
·AgsPro Dictionary: Look up definitions and example sentences, or just check your spelling on the AgsPro Dictionary. It's clear, easy to use and it's the first of it's kind. Please Click on the 'Help Button' to learn more about your AgsPro Dictionary or for assistance. If you don't find what your looking for, you can add your own special touch to the Agspro dictionary. You can add words by simply clicking on Add button and filling in the required content.
·ASL Browser: An American Sign Language video dictionary of English Gloss into Signs
· an interactive language portal: is a language portal offering free online dictionaries, vocabulary trainers, quizzes, games and a language forum. The dictionaries in 12 languages include thousands of colloquial expressions as well as very specific terms and words. users can add translations, create quizzes and build their own vocabulary lists and share all of these with their friends.
·Barnhart DICTIONARY COMPANION: This publication is a quarterly journal devoted to updating the dictionary record with terms not covered in general dictionaries.
·Cambridge International Dictionary of English Online: You can use this website to search four dictionaries published by Cambridge University Press. They cover British, American, and Australian English, and include idioms and phrasal verbs.
·Carleton County Colloquialisms: Dictionary of the vernacular from Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada: a work of comedy first, an etymological study second (or third, or maybe fourth).
·Chambers 21st Century Dictionary: Free access to the Chambers 21st Century Dictionary, The Chambers Thesaurus and The Chambers Biographical Dictionary through a single search interface.
·Collins Dictionary Online: Collins Dictionary Online features a 250,000 page English dictionary, plus over 2 million full-sentence usage examples demonstrating how words are used in context.
·Cologne Digital Sanskrit Lexicon: The Monnier Williams dictionary online.
·Common abbreviations of the US Armed Forces: Abbreviations and acronyms of all military branches. Records of military organizations include the official URLs as far as available.
·Context-Online Russian Specialized Dictionaries: Free online dictionaries to/from English-Russian.
·DEX Online: Dicționare ale limbii române: This is a Romanian dictionary project.
·Diccionari català-valencià-balear: Online version of the Catalan-Valencian-Balearic dictionary of A. M. Alcover and F. de B. Moll
·Diccionario de la Real Academia Española (DRAE): Spanish official dictionary from the Spanish Royal Academy.
·DICCIONARIO LITERARIO: Tirminos de literatura y mitrica de poesma espanola.
·Diccionario panhispánico de dudas: This is a usage dictionary published by the Real Academia Española. As described on the website, "El Diccionario panhispánico de dudas se propone servir de instrumento eficaz para todas aquellas personas interesadas en mejorar su conocimiento y dominio de la lengua española. En él se da respuesta a las dudas más habituales que plantea el uso del español en cada uno de los planos o niveles que pueden distinguirse en el análisis de los elementos lingüísticos: el fonográfico, pues resuelve dudas de tipo ortológico (sobre pronunciación) y ortográfico (sobre grafías, acentuación y puntuación); el morfológico, ya que orienta sobre las vacilaciones más frecuentes que se dan en el plano de la morfología nominal (plurales, femeninos y formas derivadas) y de la morfología verbal (formas de la conjugación); el sintáctico, al aclarar dudas sobre construcción y régimen, concordancia, forma y uso de locuciones, etc.; y el lexicosemántico, pues en él se examinan y corrigen numerosas impropiedades léxicas, a la vez que se ofrece orientación sobre el uso de neologismos y extranjerismos."
·Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa da Porto Editora: Mais de 600.000 palavras pesquisaveis, Cerca de 235.000 definigues, expressues e frases-exemplo,Vocabulario ticnico e cientmfico, incluindo lixico das novas tecnologias,Informagco etimolsgica detalhada para mais de 83.000 vocabulos, Conjugagco verbal para cerca de 13.500 verbos
·Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa On-line: Monolingual Portuguese online dictionary.
·Dicioná Offers links to dictionaries, glossaries, encyclopedias, atlases and other references to the Portuguese language.
·DiCo database of French lexical links: DiCo-OLST database of French semantic derivations and collocations. The primary purpose of this database is to describe each lexical item appearing in the DiCo's nomenclature in main ways: semantic derivations (strong semantic relations) which link it to other lexical items of the language, and collocations (semi-idiomatic expressions) which it controls. This description is accompanied by modelling of the syntactic structures controlled by the lexical item and of the item's meaning, based on a system of semantic tags.
·Dicovalence : a valency dictionary of French verbs: This syntactic lexicon lists the valency frame(s) of simple verbs in French. A valency frame is the set of subcategorized terms (complements and subject), indicating their syntactic function and some of their properties. Since many infinitives present multiple distinct valency frames, the lexicon contains over 8300 entries for 3727 infinitives. Entries also include information on syntactic features of valency terms, possible realizations (pronominal, nominal, verbal), optionality, passives, as well as links to other entries presenting certain term mappings for an identical infinitive. The particularity of Dicovalence is that valency information is described within the syntactic framework of the Pronominal Approach (developed since Van den Eynde & Blanche-Benveniste, 1978).
·Dictionaries Galore!: Dictionaries Galore! has collected and organized links to over 7,000 lexicons and language-related links into its Language Learning Links Library: World CALL Directory. It is a HUGE resource database for all major languages online. Its Language Learning Links Library is a vital Virtual Encyclopedia for Language Education and Research in over 120 languages.
·Dictionary of American Regional English: A dictionary of American English based on regional and folk usage.
·Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles Online: This is the online edition of A Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles based on the first edition of the dictionary, published in 1967. As an historical dictionary, this work shows changes in the meanings of words over time, using a series of dated quotations to illustrate these shifts.
·Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles Online: This is the online edition of A Dictionary of Canadianisms on Historical Principles based on the first edition of the dictionary, published in 1967. As an historical dictionary, this work shows changes in the meanings of words over time, using a series of dated quotations to illustrate these shifts.
·Dictionary of Gamilaraay/Kamilaroi: The Kamilaroi/ Gamilaraay language is spoken in Kamilaroi country, northern New South Wales, Australia.
·Dizionario Garzanti: Monolingual Italian dictionary (also provides context and set expressions).
·dlexDB: A Lexical Statistical Database for German: dlexDB is a new lexical statistical database for German. It is based on the DWDS-Kerncorpus (, a balanced collection - over time and text genre - of 100 million words of texts of the 20th century. dlexDB provides frequencies for types, lemmas, syllables, characters, orthographic neighbors and more. During the course of the project, more levels of linguistic representation will be added. The dlexDB website is at
·d-rhyme - German rhyming dictionary: d-rhyme is a German rhyming dictionary and wordfinder suitable for poets, authors and songwriters.
·English dictionary: Free searchable English dictionary with over 200000 word definitions and list of their synonyms.
·English Vocabulary Quick Reference: A dictionary arranged by word roots.
·Etymological Table Dictionaries of Germanic: Etymological dictionary of Iranian, Germanic, Finno-Ugric, and Turkic languages in table form.
·Exika: Exika is a German lexicon project which tries to provide information that is understandable for all social classes.
·Fine Dictionary: includes definitions from 4 dictionaries (WordNet, Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia and Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary), illustrations, example sentences, interesting facts, quotations, idioms and etymology as well as related words (synonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms).
·FreeDictionary: Free online dictionary of English definitions.
·Gaelic Dictionaries Online: Gaelic languages info, online Irish, Manx and Scots Gaelic dictionaries.
·German-Lower Sorbian Dictionary / Deutsch-Niedersorbisches Wörterbuch (DNW): A free German-Lower Sorbian online-dictionary (work in progress).
·German Morphology Browser: The German Morphology Browser is powered by the WordManager Transducer Toolkit. The program knows 1.2 million German words, their morphosyntactic features and their mapping to some 130'000 lexemes. In addition, it contains all relationships between simple and complex lexemes. It is based on a cooperation with University of Basel, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and IDSIA Lugano.
·Glosario para el Fabricante Moderno de Jabón: Una colección de términos, definiciones y de siglas relacionadas con el arte de fabricar jabón
·Glossario del saponaio moderno: Una raccolta di termini, definizioni e abbreviazioni relative all'arte della manifattura del sapone.
·Glossary of linguistic terms: by Eugene E. Loos (general editor) Susan Anderson (editor) Dwight H., Day, Jr. (editor) Paul C. Jordan (editor) J. Douglas Wingate (editor)
·Gran diccionari de la Llengua Catalana: Monolingual Catalan dictionary by the Gran Enciclopèdia de la Llengua Catalana.
·Grapheme-to-Phoneme converter for European Portuguese: This Grapheme-to-Phoneme converter works with the Portuguese spelling. To obtain more information, you are invited to visit the Signal Processing Lab of the Institute of Telecommunications, Polo of Coimbra (University of Coimbra-Portugal):
·Hebrew Terms Database of the Academy of the Hebrew Language: The official Hebrew terms database of the Academy of the Hebrew Language
·Historical Dictionary of American Slang: A searchable online dictionary containing about 2500 US slang words with the decades in which they first appeared.
·Home Loan Mortgage Financial Glossary: Very informative home loan and mortgage specific financial glossary.
·Intermidiate Lidell-Scott Lexicon: Greek word search tool.
·Internettermsdictionary: Internet and computer terms defined simply, updated frequently and easy to use.
·IPA Wörterbuch: Online monolingual German dictionary with two different TTS Services and transcriptions in SAMPA and IPA
·Jergas de habla hispana: Diccionario de modismos y jerga de todos los países de habla hispana. Incluye una sección de ejemplos jergales en oraciones y con grabaciones para oír acentos, un apartado sobre curiosidades jergales y una pequeña colección de textos de canciones en jerga. (A dictionary of Spanish slang in all Spanish speaking countries.)
·Kapampangan Dictionary: A dictionary of Kapampangan, one of the major languages in the Philippines.
·Klallam language: Klallam word list, etc.
·L' esplicant motî do walon: A general purpose pan-walloon descriptive dictionnary; with descriptions in walloon language, and numerous examples and illustrations. The dictionnary is accessible online, and its licence allows to be copied and reused freely, as long as the source is told.
·Lexical Freenet 2.0: Lexical Freenet 2.0 is a connected thesaurus and word discovery/navigation tool. It serves as a combination thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, pun generator, and general purpose concept navigator.
·Lexique d'ancien frangais: Lexique d'ancien frangais.
·Ma'agarim: The Online Database of the Historical Dictionary of the Hebrew Language: The database of the Historical Dictionary of the Hebrew Language is now available online. Free demo version The ancient literature database of the Academy of the Hebrew Language is now available online. Utilizing the best witnesses from the most reliable transmissions, the site's nine-million-word corpus draws upon some 4,300 Hebrew sources from the classic rabbinic period (2nd century BCE) through the geonic period (11th century CE).
·Macedonian Acronyms and Abbreviations: Searchable dictionary of Macedonian Acronyms and Abbreviations
·Macedonian Reverse Dictionary: Macedonian Reverse Dictionary
·Memidex- Online English dictionary/thesaurus: Memidex is originally based on WordNet, but has many additions and several unique features, including more extensive relationship links, complete inflections, simple interface, and frequent updates. For more information, see:
· An efficient and unique online dictionary/glossary. Helps in understanding various meanings and relationships between words.
·Michaelis-Moderno Dicionario da Lingua Portuguesa: This is a Brazilian/Portuguese dictionary.
·Neoloteca: On-line dictionary of officially approved Catalan neologisms.
·Norwegian (Bokmålsordboka and Nynorskordboka): Monolingual Norwegian dictionary.
·Online Urdu Dictionary: online Urdu dictionary based on Urdu Lughat, the most comprehensive Urdu dictionary
·OpenThesaurus: A German thesaurus, edited by the community. All data is available under an Open Content License (LGPL) for free use.
·ORDABANKI: Multilingual term bank.
·Pashto glossary: 1,400 words from the glossary of Herbert Penzl's A grammar of Pashto: A descriptive study of the dialect of Kandahar, Afghanistan (Washington, DC: American Council of Learned Societies, 1955)
·Poker Glossary: Online dictionary for live and online poker terms.
·Prussian Reconstructions: Prussian dictionary and reconstructions.
·Rhyming Dictionary by WriteExpress Online: End rhymes, last syllable rhymes, double rhymes, beginning rhymes, and first syllable rhymes.
·Rohingya Language of Arakan, Burma (Myanmar): Rohingya Language script of the oppressed Rohingya Muslim people of Arakan, Burma (Myanmar). It uses only Latin Alphabets alphabet Aa to Zz, Çç and çñ including the accented vowels ÁáÉéÍíç'óÚú. The site includes all the necessary information to learn Rohingya Language (named as Rohingya'lish) in minutes. A beginner's text book and dictionary are included.
·Safire's Political Dictionary: "Safire's Political Dictionary" is a stem-to-stern updating and expansion of the "Language of Politics," which was first published in 1968 and last revised in 1993, long before such terms as "Hanging Chads, 9/11" and the "War on Terror" became part of our everyday vocabulary. Nearly every entry in that renowned work has been revised and updated and scores of completely new entries have been added to produce an indispensable guide to the political language being used and abused in America today. Safire's definitions--discursive, historically aware, and often anecdotal--bring a savvy perspective to our colorful political lingo. Indeed, a Safire definition often reads like a mini-essay in political history, and readers will come away not only with a fuller understanding of particular words but also a richer knowledge of how politics works, and fails to work, in America. From "Axis of Evil, Blame Game, Bridge to Nowhere, Triangulation," and "Compassionate Conservatism" to "Islamofascism, Netroots, Earmark, Wingnuts and Moonbats, Slam Dunk, Doughnut Hole," and many others, this language maven explains the origin of each term, how and by whom and for what purposes it has been used or twisted, as well as its perceived and real significance.
· - Online free dictionaries: Sensagent is an On-line dictionary containing more 250,000 entries. It contains supplements brought by numerous terminologies for specific domains (medicine, documentation etc.). You can switch from a language to 21 others by a simple click.
·Sözcük Çevir: 47 languages translation online dictionary
·Sozlerin Soyagaci- Turkish: A full searchable online etymological dictionary of contemporary Turkish, currently featuring 13,000 entries.
·Sozlook: Turkish English, English Turkish Dictionary
·Svenska Akademiens ordbok: Ordbok vver svenska spreket utgiven av Svenska Akademien.
· Swedish synonyms search engine with over 30 000 keywords and 180 000 words in total.
·Tesoro della Lingua Italiana delle Origini: TLIO is a historical dictionary of Early Italian from the origins up to the year 1400 A.D., published in progress online in the website (free access).
·The English Dictionary: A free English to English dictionary with over 125,000 headwords and definitions, with an easy-to-use, ad and clutter-free user interface. Also available here are thesaurus matches and synonyms of nearly 30,000 words. You can browse words, definitions and synonyms alphabetically, by subject labels or find the words of your interest directly using the search box.
·The list of the scientific-technical dictionaries, published in the USSR since 1931 till 1986: The list of the scientific-technical dictionaries, published in the USSR since 1931 till 1986
·TheSage's English Dictionary and Thesaurus: TheSage's English Dictionary and Thesaurus is a complete dictionary and a multifaceted thesaurus of the English language. It runs locally, and does not use your Internet connection. Notable features include: structured lookup display, advanced wildcard search, tabbed interface, anagram search, customizable user-interface, flexible copy-to-clipboard functionality, multi-session history.
·The Wordsmyth Educational Dictionary-Thesaurus: WEDT contains 50,000 headwords, and very precisely defined and hyperlinked synonyms.
·Valencian dictionary of Synonyms & Antonyms: Online Valencian language dictionary of synonymous, related words and antonyms. Provided by the Royal Academy of Valencian Culture (RACV).
·Vocabolaudio: Online database of 16,000 Italian words and their pronunciations as audio files collected from native speakers.
·Web 2.0 English-English Dictionary: is a free-to-use monolingual English-English dictionary, with a unique Web 2.0 style user interface and functionality. As you type a few letters in the search bar, it finds all the headwords matching your input and quickly displays four of these words with their respective definitions simultaneously. As you keep typing further, the words and definitions go on updating in real-time.
·Web Hosting Glossary: IT Certifications are recognized throughout the world and the most common exams are MCSE, CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, MCDBA, A+, CISSP, Network+, Security+ and SCJP
·Willebroeks Woordenboek: Dictionary of the Flemish dialect that is spoken in Willebroek (Belgium), including old photos of the community.