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·Ancient Baybayin Scripts Network: The Ancient Baybayin Scripts Network(ABSN) is a community of open forum academic exchange & discussion on the ancient writing scripts & writing systems of the Philippines.We welcome new diverse perspectives on news and updates on the current situation of Baybayin(Alibata)scripts of today.Enjoy learning and writing Baybayin in the many languages of the Philippines. The Alibata forum brings unique,rare, and diverse topics about Ivatan syntax, Igorot Studies, Hanunoo-Mangyan poetry, Kinaray-a semantics, ambahan, computer fonts, ethnobotany, ethnopoetics, Surat Mangyan, Philippine ethnolinguistic groups, epigraphy, ethnomedicine, Aklanon phonetics, Bisayan genetic classification, Pangasinan grammar, Sambal proverbs, Agta linguistics, Ilonggo morphology, Mindanao news, & Lumad tribes. We encourage new opportunities to interact with others in learning new languages with different syllabic, alphabetic, & logographic writing systems & see how it affected the evolution of baybayin scripts. We are a unique group that advocates unity in topics of Cebuano phonology, Kapampangan Studies, Ilokano lexicography, Waray language, Hiligaynon literature, ethnosphere, Austronesian Studies, orthography, paleography, calligraphy,& Bicolano ethnomusicology. We appreciate any advertisements for nonprofit virtual activism & resources that promotes advocacy for linguistic rights , ancestral rights, cultural rights, and indigenous rights. Join us in the research in Austronesian genetics, migrations, navigation, cultural survival, and human rights that affect the greater understanding of the Austronesian Diaspora and baybayin. We encourage new methods on deciphering archaelogical baybayin artifacts, pottery, inscriptions, rock art, petroglyphs, and pictograph characters found throughout the Philippine Islands. The ABSN is your networking community where we begin our travel together into new journeys of Baybayin knowledge,& where the celebrations of network friendships and respect never ends.
·Ancient This site provides very comprehensive information on ancient writing systems.
·Luganda Home Page: Introduction to the standard orthography and grammar.
·N'ko Institute: This page is dedicated to the exploration of N'Ko, and all the speakers of the "Clear Language" of Manden.
·Omniglot: A handy online reference to over 160 alphabets, syllabaries and other writing systems.
·Rongorongo, Easter Island Writing: Easter Island (Rapa Nui), a remote islet in the Pacific Ocean, keeps many secrets. The real hieroglyphic script, rongorongo, is a feature of its ancient culture. Sergei V. Rjabchikov succeeded in decoding these mysterious characters. His papers are published below. A new article is called
·Trouble with Indian Names: Writers who use the English language to write about India are always faced with a dilemma on how best to spell the Indian names. A brief summary of common problems is listed here.
·Written language guide: Written language guide of European languages and their differences. Alphabets, samples of translations and general cultural customs.