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Fonts: General Sources and Archives

·Alan Wood's Unicode Fonts page: A comprehensive list of Unicode fonts, including download and licensing information. This particular URL is for Windows, but there are links on that page for other systems.
·Arboreal: A Mac and Windows font for creating syntactic trees.
·Free Foreign Language Fonts: List of free, downloadable fonts for 40+ foreign languages from Vistawide World Languages & Cultures
·MacCampus: Europe's largest independent foreign language font developer for the Mac. East European, cyrillic, turkish, phonetic, church slavonic,etc.
·Moraic: a TrueType font which allows you to connect adjacent levels of phonological structures

Fonts: IPA and Linguistic

·Alan Wood's Unicode Fonts page: A comprehensive list of Unicode fonts, including download and licensing information. This particular URL is for Windows, but there are links on that page for other systems.
·IPA Braille - Font Info and Downloads: This page and its contents were developed by Dr. Robert Englebretson in conjunction with the International Council on English Braille. It includes braille IPA, including links to download fonts and articles published by the CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind).
·IPA-SAM Phonetic Fonts: TrueType phonetic fonts, cover complete current IPA chart, sensibly arranged for keyboard
·SIL Fonts: Fonts for both Windows & Mac
·Truetype fonts by Curtis Clark: Celtic ogham, Elder futhark, Linear B, etc.
·Type phonemic transcriptions of English online: Online editor with buttons and keyboard shortcuts for typing IPA-based phonemic transcriptions of the English language.

Fonts: Language Specific

·Center for Research in Urdu Language Processing: The Center for Research in Urdu Language Processing (CRULP) is first of its kind in Pakistan. The Center’s main objective is to conduct research for the evolution of computational models of Urdu and Pakistan’s other regional languages. The research at CRULP is carried within the context of projects, each having a well defined list of deliverables.
·Ekusheyr Shadhinota: Bengali Unicode keyboard interface for MS-Windows NT/2000/XP/2003, from Altruists International. Freely downloadable, as are Unicode 4.0 compatible Bangla Open Type fonts to accompany it. Enjoy:)
·Ekushey Typing System: A free open source Bengali typing add-in for Word 97/2000/XP. Installs with Bangla fonts, keyboard layouts and documentation. Widely compatible and with several extras such as export to TEX, automatic language formatting and transliteration from Bangla->English->Bangla.
·Fonts for Aboriginal languages: contains numerous fonts for Aboriginal/Indigenous languages
·Fonts for Urdu, Sindhi, Pashto, Balochi: Nastalique and Naskh free and open source Open Type Fonts for Urdu, Sindhi, Pashto and Balochi languages.
·Japanese Fonts: A list of programs and applications that allow you to type or read Japanese fonts.
·John Koontz of Colorado Home Page: Fonts for use with Siouan Languages.
·Kiran, very user-friendly font for Hindi/ Marathi/ Nepali: Kiran is a very user-friendly font for Hindi/ Marathi/ Nepali languages (Devanagari script), being able to write even the conjunct consonants (juktakshar-s) in a very convenient way. With its English-keyboard letters greatly corresponding with the Hindi/M/N alphabet in pronounciation, it has keyboard assignments very easy to remember. Also, the printing quality is quite good. The font is being widely used in Hindi & Marathi websites. (Submitted here by a user.)
·Malayalam Fonts: Many Malayalam fonts to download for free.
·Nafees Font Family: Open Type Naskh and Nastaleeq fonts for Urdu
·Paratype Internet Font Fair: Typeface support with Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Greek, Georgian and Hebrew fonts for Macintosh and Windows platforms. Free font catalog. Font utilities. Font magazine. Font sites list.
·Pinyin font: Pinyin Okay is a TrueType Times font for Windows used to display and print the Hanyu Pinyin transcription system for Mandarin Chinese.
·Russian Keyboard Online: Online Russian keyboard to type Russian characters on computers which do not have a keyboard for typing the Cyrillic alphabet.
·Sindhi Computing Website: Sindhi Unicode Fonts.
·Tibetan Fonts: Fonts for Tibetan script (Windows, Mac, Linux)
· Tibetan typefaces and software: Free Tibetan typefaces and software developed by Kristoffer Lindqvist.
·Type French accents online: Online text editor with buttons and keyboard shortcuts for typing French characters.
·WinMac Dene Fonts: True Type fonts, cross platform Windows/Mac compatible, for Dene languages: Dogrib, Chipewyan, North and South Slavey.

Miscellaneous and Decorative Fonts

·Barcode Fonts: Free Barcode Fonts
·The Chank Store: Unusual style fonts for free download