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Title Submitter Name Issue No. Date   Asc / Desc
Teaching Blind Students John Myhill 27.4671 15-Nov-2016
The Usage of Polite Language Yoshitomo Shiramizu 27.4331 26-Oct-2016
What are the differences between these sentences? Nagayuki Maeda 27.4122 12-Oct-2016
Re: Re: Review of 'Researching Northern English' Patrick Honeybone 27.3900 03-Oct-2016
Review of 'Researching Northern English' Geoffrey Sampson 27.3370 23-Aug-2016
Review of 'Researching Northern English' Patrick Honeybone 27.3338 19-Aug-2016
Use of fictive kinship terms in romantic contexts Lucien Brown 27.3335 17-Aug-2016
Re: About the construction of ''NP there be" C. E. Whitehead 27.2954 10-Jun-2016
About the construction of "NP there be" Takanori Kojima 27.2554 02-Jun-2016
Verb Second Gisbert Fanselow 27.1896 21-Apr-2016
Percentages, norm, corpus, variants and borders Esad Halilović 27.938 21-Feb-2016
Significance testing for corpus comparison Bettina Eiber 27.937 20-Feb-2016
Proposal for Arabic Script Root Zone LGR Jia Kimoto 26.4274 22-Sep-2015
Proposal for Armenian Script Root Zone LGR Jia Kimoto 26.4176 15-Sep-2015
Documentation of Non-Unicode Phonetic Symbols Kirk Miller 26.3894 01-Sep-2015
Paninian Grammar Ahdi Hassan 26.2604 17-May-2015
Papuan Malay: Single hand-clap as discourse marker Angela Kluge 26.1131 12-Feb-2015
The Night Before Christmas (Linguists' version) Dave Sayers 25.5223 21-Dec-2014
Linguists collaborating with non-linguists Crispin Thurlow 25.2630 17-Jun-2014
Is there a UG? Soleiman Ghassemi 25.1549 18-Mar-2014
Web of Language Word of the Year: marriage Dennis Baron 25.184 21-Dec-2013
Programming languages from a Linguistics POV Eugenio Martín Vigo 24.3118 24-Jul-2013
Optimizing articulation for classical singers Claudia Friedlander 24.3012 19-Jul-2013
Germanic Influence on French Syntax Kevin McCabe 24.2502 20-Jun-2013
Linguistic Hypostasis Jan Židek 24.2491 19-Jun-2013

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