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Title Submitter Name Issue No. Date   Asc / Desc
Re: Free Sharing of Linguistic Knowledge/Info Henri José Deulofeu 20.1050 22-Mar-2009
'Justice' in Language Standardization Bujar Dibra 22.332 11-Jan-2011
Data Request: Possessives in Nilo-Saharan Eva Dobler 21.4402 29-Oct-2010
Hindi Verb Classification Raymond Doctor 21.3259 11-Aug-2010
'To h*** with HEL' (History of English) in B.A.s Stefan Dollinger 17.796 14-Mar-2006
Last Call: Discussion on HEL in B.A.s Stefan Dollinger 17.1137 14-Apr-2006
To h*** with HEL: Discussion Results Stefan Dollinger 17.1234 20-Apr-2006
Uneducated families = Noncomplex languages Franz Dotter 20.1716 04-May-2009
Is Linguistic Terminology Always Appropriate? Jon Driver-Jowitt 18.1234 07-Apr-2007
Ask-a-linguist Richard Durkan 15.2967 19-Oct-2004
Latin Etymology Richard Durkan 21.2584 14-Jun-2010
Prepositions: 'In' versus 'At' LINGUIST Editors 22.3069 27-Jul-2011
RE: Prices in Reviews (Reviews Team Response) Review Editors Team 23.4060 01-Oct-2012
Significance testing for corpus comparison Bettina Eiber 27.937 20-Feb-2016
New: Effects of Technology on Communication Susan Ervin-Tripp 18.581 21-Feb-2007
Discussion on Piraha: Correction to 18.1379 #1 Dan Everett 18.1416 08-May-2007
Problems with Recent Proposals on Recursion & FLN Daniel Everett 17.1320 28-Apr-2006
Major Discoveries of Modern Syntactic Theory Daniel Everett 17.2277 09-Aug-2006
Mundurucu and Piraha counting Daniel Everett 15.3096 03-Nov-2004
Clitics and agreement Daniel Everett 16.1088 04-Apr-2005
Response to McGinnis on Mundurucu/Piraha counting Daniel Everett 15.3121 06-Nov-2004
Discussion on Piraha Dan Everett 18.1252 23-Apr-2007
Discussion on Piraha Daniel Everett 18.1379 04-May-2007
Verb Second Gisbert Fanselow 27.1896 21-Apr-2016
Re: 16.894: Abolishing Fund Drive V. J. Fedson 16.1019 02-Apr-2005

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