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Title: A Possible 'S-intrusion'
Submitter: Erika Santoro
Description: Hi,

My name is Erika Santoro. I am an Italian undergraduate student of the University of Salerno. I am taking my BA degree in 'Languages and Foreign Cultures' and the subject of my thesis is 'Dialect Levelling'.

I am analyzing the interview issued by Prince William and Kate Middleton the day of their engagement. When I have analyzed the speech of William I have heard a sort of ''s-intrusion''. It occurs frequently after the voiceless alveolar stop /t/ and /d/, resulting in a voiced alveolar affricate /ts/ and /dz/.

This is the link of the interview; from the website youtube: These are the precise moment when I have heard this ''s-intrusion'':

-min. 00:10 '' [...] was about-s-three [...]''
-min. 00:17 ''[...] and-s-I just [...] ''
-min. 00:21 ''[...] talking about-s-marriage[...]''
-min. 00:43 ''[...] but-s-as every [...]''
-min. 01:30 ''[...] and-s-yeah [...]''
-min. 04:50 ''[...] and-s-it just [...]''
-min. 06:14 ''[...] and-s-it just [...]''

Hence what do you think about it? Have you ever studied a phenomenon like this?

Best regards,

Erika Santoro
Date Posted: 10-Oct-2012
Linguistic Field(s): Discourse Analysis
Language Specialty: None
LL Issue: 23.4220
Posted: 10-Oct-2012

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