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Title: Discussion on Piraha: A Side Note
Submitter: Peter T. Daniels
Description: A side note on the Piraha question:

In his Current Anthropology article, Dan Everett invokes Hockett's ''design
features of language.'' Chas Hockett was always very irritated when someone
cited the popularization in the September 1960 Scientific American; he
wanted scholars to cite the scholarly presentations, the most widely
available one being in Greenberg's 1963 Universals volume (see the
introductory note in Hockett's *The View from Language: Selected Essays
1948-1974* (Athens: U GA Pr, 1977), 124f.
Date Posted: 27-Apr-2007
Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
Historical Linguistics
Linguistic Theories
History of Linguistics
Cognitive Science
Anthropological Linguistics
LL Issue: 18.1288
Posted: 27-Apr-2007

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