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Title: Review 'Chomsky's Minimalism'
Submitter: Jim Fidelholtz
Description: While I agree with Hinzen's comments (19.2754), there seems to me to be a
more fundamental confusion in the post he comments on, shared by many
non-generativists (and occasionally some generativists), namely that the
order of elements/processes/whatever in the *theory* necessarily
corresponds with the order of the cognitive *processes* involved in the
production/reception of language. This has never been claimed, to my
knowledge, by generativists working in the Chomskyan mold, much less by
Chomsky himself. Quite explicitly the contrary. And indeed,
psycholinguistic experiments have clearly shown that language-hearing
processing, for example, goes on in parallel at different 'levels', and as
more and more of a sentence, say, comes in.
Date Posted: 12-Sep-2008
Linguistic Field(s): Linguistic Theories
LL Issue: 19.2785
Posted: 12-Sep-2008

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