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Title: Review of 'The Use of English in Institutional...
Submitter: Stefanie Pohle
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Dear Ms. Malik,

Thanks for your review of the volume. Here are a few comments from my side
(in relation to my article on offers in Irish English and German business

The participants did not work on an executive but an assistant level.
Only the simulations by the Irish participants were conducted in English;
the simulations by the German participants were conducted in German. Since
both groups negotiated in their native language, a statement regarding
their proficiency level is not relevant.
The negotiation simulations were intracultural. However, both groups used
the same negotiation scenario (devised in English and German, respectively)
to facilitate comparability.
Apart from patterns on the word level, the analysis also takes into account
syntactic structures and offer topics.

Best regards,
Stefanie Pohle
Date Posted: 04-Nov-2008
Linguistic Field(s): Discourse Analysis
Text/Corpus Linguistics
LL Issue: 19.3361
Posted: 04-Nov-2008

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