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Title: Re: Free Sharing of Linguistic Knowledge/Info
Submitter: Henri José Deulofeu
Description: This topic is one of my biggest concerns as I supervise Phd students from
African countries where it is quite impossible to have access to required
information and documents for costs reasons. One way to overcome this had
been suggested and actually performed by many of us. It consists in putting
the drafts - free from copyright - of their research stuff in open access
on their websites. An improvement of this step could be that LINGUIST List
make available a list of these researchers with perhaps a search tool
working on this ''virtual'' data base by key words or so.

Another problem is the language used in scientific publishing. A lot of
good stuff and useful insights remain unknown to the majority of us because
there are not written in English. As a consequence, many papers in English
just ''rediscover'' what had been already said in another language. With
colleagues from Belgium and Switzerland we are trying to partly meet this
point by planning a website containing a ''best of'' of linguistic research
written in French with English abstracts. As you can imagine, it is not
easy to find money for that. Shouldn't we ask for UNESCO funding to push on
this kind of projects?

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Date Posted: 24-Mar-2009
Linguistic Field(s): Discipline of Linguistics
LL Issue: 20.1050
Posted: 24-Mar-2009

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