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Title: Re: Free Sharing of Linguistic Research/Info
Submitter: Michael Cahill
Description: I would concur with Don Killian's plea for more sharing of linguistics
information. At the same time, I would point out that much is already
available. Perhaps others can point to sources of information they are
aware of. On my part, I will mention that SIL International is increasingly
putting more basic descriptions online from various areas of the world,
with especially rich resources already posted for Mexico, Cameroon, and
Papua New Guinea, but also from Brazil, Burkina Faso, Colombia, Peru,
Suriname, and the Philippines. These have been produced over a period of
several decades and include various degrees of depth and sophistication, of
course. See

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Date Posted: 24-Mar-2009
Linguistic Field(s): Discipline of Linguistics
LL Issue: 20.1053
Posted: 24-Mar-2009

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