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Title: Disc: Re: Free Sharing of Linguistic Research/Info
Submitter: Ana Perez-Leroux
Description: Developmental psycholinguistics has been sharing data online via the
CHILDES database system for over 20 years. Such sharing has had an enormous
impact on description of early child language, and on research practices in
the field. Publication of corpora in the data has acquired its own
area-internal prestige, as everyone in the field is familiar with how much
work is involved in collecting, coding and formatting data for digital
publication. There is a very specific citation protocol so direct
attribution is always made to the author of the database.

But my colleagues in the previous posting are right: the initiative has to
be taken by senior colleagues who are capable of conferring prestige, and
who are in institutions capable of supporting such initiatives. The CHILDES
project was carried out by Brian MacWhinney, from Carnegie Mellon, and
Catherine Snow, from Harvard University. It started with the digitization
of the highly respected, much coveted database collected by Roger Brown,
and has been expanding and evolving ever since.

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Date Posted: 09-Apr-2009
Linguistic Field(s): Discipline of Linguistics
LL Issue: 20.1361
Posted: 09-Apr-2009

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