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Title: Ranya Morsi's Dissertation Considered
Submitter: Hassan Semhi
Description: This is a brief discussion addressed to Ranya Morsi in particular and to
linguistic community in general. There is an amazing correlation between
the acquisition of tense/ subject-verb agreement in language impaired
children and normal children. I find it very interesting and useful to shed
light on the topic. It seems that most verbal constructions, if not all,
look like imperatives in language acquisition and language impairment.

Based on research on the acquisition of Moroccan Arabic, I found that
verbal constructions in 2-3 year-old children lack tense because of the
absence of the negative particle at this age. Once the negative form is
triggered around 3 years, the tense feature is also acquired. For me there
is a mysterious reason why, for children in language acquisition/ language
impairment, tense is lacking and/or delayed respectively.
Date Posted: 21-Feb-2010
Linguistic Field(s): Psycholinguistics
Language Acquisition
Language Specialty: None
LL Issue: 21.875
Posted: 21-Feb-2010

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