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Title: Re: Linguist 15.2774, Review: Forensic Linguistics
Submitter: John Olsson
Description: Re: Linguist 15.2774, Review: Forensic Linguistics, Olsson

As the author of 'Forensic Linguistics: An introduction to language, crime and the law' let me say that I am grateful for Stephen Black's review. He highlights both what I see as strengths and weaknesses. I agree a greater concentration on theory would be most helpful in a second edition, and I perhaps fell into the trap of making certain assumptions regarding what readers might know and what they might want to know. For example, I use Grice's maxims a lot in my every day work, but it would have been good to have gone into more depth on this. Additionally, I am sure Stephen is right in saying that a separate chapter on statistics would probably have been helpful. The only problem I have with that is that when you do a separate chapter, and you call it 'Statistics' a lot of people will just go onto the next chapter! So, that's a difficult one, but I will give it serious thought for the second edition. I am in discussion with my publishers, Continuum, at the moment, and I anticipate a second edition within 18 months to 2 years from now.

So, in conclusion, a positive, constructive review, which I have found very helpful.

All the best,

John Olsson
Date Posted: 11-Oct-2004
Linguistic Field(s): Forensic Linguistics
LL Issue: 15.2839
Posted: 11-Oct-2004

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