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Title: Re: Deep Structure/Initial PP
Submitter: Thomas Hoffmann
Description: Just a few quick comments on John Harris's post:

"The usual starting deep structure production for generativists is S--  NP
VP. On this view, to produce a surface sentence starting with an initial
PP, such as At night I wear pajamas, a speaker must first generate a
deep-structure sentence with the PP internal to VP, and then perform a
fronting movement of the PP from its deep structure position within the VP."

1. "Generativists" include Minimalists (cf. e.g. Chomsky 199= 5), people
working within Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar (cf. e.g. Pollard and
Sag 1994), or Lexical-Functional Grammar (cf. e.g. Bresnan 2001) as well as
tons of other theories. Note that actually most of these do not have a
movement operation (things are inserted where they appear on the "surface").

2. If "generativists" is to refer to Minimalists, then note that

2.1 the Minimalist Program (MP) has an explicit bottom-up nature: elements
combine ("merge") and then either of the two projects its categorical
label, e.g. V + NP --  VP (actually V' or Vmax). Thus, there is no top-down
rewriting process as implied in S --  NP VP;

2.2 the concept of “deep-structure” has been dispensed with in the MP.
Thematic dependencies (i.e. semantic roles, e.g. the fact that WEAR implies
someone who wears something) are still considered to be merged first,
according e.g. to principles like Bakers Universal Theta Assignment
hypothesis (1997). But that's how the semantics-syntax mapping is assumed
to proceed within the MP and a lot more could be said about that (and as
far as I know, will be said in Cullicover and Jackendoff's fc. "Syntax Made

However, within the MP there is nothing which forces you to merge temporal
adjunct PPs such as at night in the VP. If you want to get a good idea as
to how adjuncts are handled in the MP, then you should take a look at Ernst
(2002) where it is said that such temporal sentence PPs can merge into the
pre-subject positon.

Thomas Hoffmann
University of Regensburg/Germany


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Date Posted: 20-Nov-2004
Linguistic Field(s): Linguistic Theories
LL Issue: 15.3262
Posted: 20-Nov-2004

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