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Title: Re 15.3231 Deep Structure
Submitter: Pius ten Hacken
Description: Two obvious remarks any Chomskyan linguist would make in this respect are:

1. Phrase structure rules and transformations are meant to describe
the grammatical competence of a speaker, not the processes of
production or interpretation of linguistic performance.

2. Since the early 1980s, individual rewrite rules such as S --  NP
VP are no longer state-of-the-art.

For this reason, the problems mentioned by John Harris do not really
arise in Chomskyan linguistics.

Pius ten Hacken

Dr Pius ten Hacken
French Department, University of Wales Swansea
Date Posted: 21-Nov-2004
Linguistic Field(s): Linguistic Theories
LL Issue: 15.3272
Posted: 21-Nov-2004

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