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Title: RE: Does editing matter?
Submitter: Jim Fidelholtz
Description: Hi, All,

This is in reply to the discussion topic in Linguist List 23.3795, "Does
editing matter?". I think it is clear that editing *does* matter, at least
to many of us (as long as APA-style 'initialization' is *not* used, but
that's a different, though apparently still necessary, discussion). Bad
editing simply detracts from the readability, and therefore usability, of
the work.

Having said that, reviews on LL are helpful in general. But I have
noticed another aspect of them which I do not like at all. That is the
*lack* of price information; as I recall, this was due to a conscious
decision at LL some years ago, which I did not like even then, and it is
even less acceptable to me currently. Such information is often useful
or even critical in the decision to buy a book or not. And it is *not* an
argument that the information can be gleaned by going to a link in the
review (not even always does the information pop up easily after going
to the link--but it should be available without links). And the fact that
prices are not necessarily stable is also not an argument -- one needs
in any case to compare prices before buying, and there are so many
books being published now (and journals) that at least many of us
need easy winnowing information (like a base price of over X hundred
dollars, for example) to decide what to buy with limited resources.
Changing or variable prices are not an argument, since the date of the
review gives us at least some point of comparison for the price at that


Editor's Note: For several years, the LINGUIST List has included the
prices of books in book announcements. However, since there can be
several editions of a single book with different prices or currencies, we
made the decision not to include this information in the review itself, as
book reviews are generally quite lengthy to begin with.
Date Posted: 12-Sep-2012
LL Issue: 23.3814
Posted: 12-Sep-2012

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