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Title: RE: Prices in Reviews (Does editing matter?)
Submitter: Mark Mandel
Description: I agree with Jim Fidelholtz (23.3814) that prices
should be mentioned in reviews. The editors' objection --

  For several years, the LINGUIST List has included the
  prices of books in book announcements. However, since there can
  be several editions of a single book with different prices or
  currencies, we made the decision not to include this information in
  the review itself, as book reviews are generally quite lengthy to begin

does not hold up.

For example, the most recent review listed when I just searched the
archives for ''review'' in the subject was in issue 23.3578:
  Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2012 12:37:04
  From: Lorie Heggie

  Announced at
  AUTHOR: Nicholas Sobin
  TITLE: Syntactic Analysis
  SUBTITLE: The Basics
  PUBLISHER: Wiley-Blackwell
  YEAR: 2011

The announcement lists two editions, as
  Hardback: ISBN: 9781444338959 Pages: 192 Price: U.S. $ 84.95
  Paperback: ISBN: 9781444335071 Pages: 192 Price: U.S. $ 29.95

Yes, the review is lengthy: 247 lines, 14675 bytes. These listings would
add less than 1% to its size-- even less if minimized to
  Hardback U.S. $ 84.95, Paperback U.S. $ 29.95
or even
  hb USD 84.95, pb USD 29.95

Some books have more editions; put each set on a separate line for
easier reading:
  French: hb € xx.xx, pb xx.xx
  English: hb £ xx.xx, pb xx.xx
  Russian: hb RUB xx.xx, pb xx.xx
  Japanese: pb ¥ xx.xx

This would allow for the easy winnowing Jim mentions. The buyer with
limited funds could easily decide which if any of these to buy, or could
add just one or two to a ''short list'' of volumes to be further considered
for purchase. They could later follow up the links for further information
on just the books to be bought, rather than spend valuable time and
energy chasing a trail of links that may or may not readily yield the
information sought. As Jim says,

  And it is *not* an argument
  that the information can be gleaned by going to a link in the review
  (not even always does the information pop up easily after going to
  the link--but it should be available without links).

Mark A. Mandel
Linguistic Data Consortium
University of Pennsylvania
Date Posted: 01-Oct-2012
LL Issue: 23.4056
Posted: 01-Oct-2012

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