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Title: RE: Prices in Reviews (Reviews Team Response)
Submitter: Review Editors Team
Description: The reviews team has discussed the proposal to include explicit
information about pricing in book reviews, but we have decided not to
change the current policy. Every review has a link to the publisher's
book announcement right at the top, above the author and title of the
book under review, so just one click provides that kind of baseline
information. Restating that information in a review might be convenient
for a segment of our readership, but it would not be particularly helpful
for others, especially international readers, since the prices are
usually in U.S. dollars.

Furthermore, we would like to encourage LINGUIST readers to check
prices and purchase books through the LINGUIST Amazon store: (For more information about
this, see By doing that you can
support LINGUIST at no extra cost to you!

LINGUIST List Review Editors Team
Date Posted: 01-Oct-2012
LL Issue: 23.4060
Posted: 01-Oct-2012

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