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Title: RE: RE: Prices in Reviews (Reviews Team Response)
Submitter: Mark Mandel
Description: The Review Editors Team (23.4060) does not seem to have read the
discussion of the current policy on including prices in reviews (23.3814,
23-4056), so I will summarize here in line:

  Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2012 13:26:31
  From: Review Editors Team 
  Subject: RE: Prices in Reviews (Reviews Team Response)
  The reviews team has discussed the proposal to include
  explicit information about pricing in book reviews, but we
  have decided not to change the current policy. Every review
  has a link to the publisher's book announcement right at the
  top, above the author and title of the book under review, so
  just one click provides that kind of baseline information.

Well, two clicks. The most recent review -- 23.4069, Nana Xu on Tang
(2012), Academic Writing in a Second or Foreign Language -- has a
link to the LINGUIST announcement (23.1843). *That* page has a link
to the publisher's announcement at the top as well as to the LINGUIST
book information page at the bottom, both of which indeed show the

The next newest review, 23.4039, is Lionel Mathieu's of Mark Sebba,
Spelling and society, announced in 23.549. There, the only link at the
top is to the publisher's home page. But that's almost immediately
followed by the ISBN and pricing in US dollars and UK pounds. What
was so hard about including that? (It's also at the bottom of the
LINGUIST book page, which is linked at the bottom of the

  Restating that information in a review might be convenient
  for a segment of our readership, but it would not be
  particularly helpful for others, especially international
  readers, since the prices are usually in U.S. dollars.

Then adding it to the review is certainly no less helpful to them, and it
would make it more accessible to all the readers.

  Furthermore, we would like to encourage LINGUIST readers to
  check prices and purchase books through the LINGUIST Amazon
  store: (For more
  information about this, see
  By doing that you can support LINGUIST at no extra cost to you!

And is it always just as easy for international (= non-US) readers to
understand the prices there? to pay Amazon? to pay in US dollars?

This is the first I've heard of the LINGUIST Amazon store... oh, right,
there it is on the Read Issues page. By all means add the link to
reviews if you wish to encourage readers to use it. But still: what's
wrong with putting the information in the reviews?

Mark A. Mandel
Date Posted: 03-Oct-2012
LL Issue: 23.4117
Posted: 03-Oct-2012

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