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Title: Multiple Choice Technique for Assessing Writing
Submitter: Kisno Shinoda
Description: I have an interesting study case in a university in Batam Island, Indonesia. According to some books I have read, writing is a productive skill, meaning there should be a product of one's or a student's writing and there are some items that should be assessed in writing test such as grammar, vocabulary, stylistics, mechanics, and cohesion and coherence. Some references suggest that some items could be assessed through a multiple choice technique. But, is it fair when we intend to measure the writing skill of a student using only a multiple choice test? Isn't it more objective if a teacher asks a student to write instead of asking a student to do a multiple choice test on writing?

Now, the issue is about cohesion and and coherence. Is it possible if we want to know that one's writing is achieving the cohesion and coherence through multiple choice? If yes, what is the technique of testing cohesion and coherence through multiple choice? Are there any books or references suggesting that cohesion and coherence of one's writing could possibly be assessed through a multiple choice testing technique?
Date Posted: 29-Nov-2012
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Language Specialty: English
LL Issue: 23.4978
Posted: 29-Nov-2012

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