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Title: Re: 16.894, Abolishing Fund Drive Once and For All
Submitter: Jeffrey Kaplan
Description: --How about a merger between LinguistList and the Linguistic Society of
America, with a portion of (slightly increased) LSA dues going to fund
Linguist List? LinguistList already carries out some functions typical of
leading organizations of fields of study, and its core function of
information sharing is an appropriate such function. If there is concern
about LinguistList's independence, I would hope that a suitable
arrangement be negotiated. Maybe?

--Alternatively, under a less U.S.-centric model, negotiate funding, via
slightly raised dues, from various national or even focused linguistic
organizations: the Linguistic Association of Great Britain, the American
Association for Applied Linguistics, the Association for Computational
Linguistics, etc.

--An approach of this sort would be like a tax (albeit a flat one): everybody
pays, and LinguistList would not have to depend on idiosyncratic
generosity. It would free Linguist List, and us, from NPR-like fund drives,
which are, as you say, a mild irritation even when efforts are made to make
them fun. (I must say the LinguistList fundraisers are the best of the class.)
The trick would be to hammer out the relationships with the other
organizations. Could it be done?

Jeff Kaplan

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Date Posted: 25-Mar-2005
Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
LL Issue: 16.909
Posted: 25-Mar-2005

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