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Title: Fund Drive
Submitter: Nick Caffrey
Description: Dear crew,
Having just read your posting about the fund drive today, I am moved to
write. I am not in the academic linguist circuit. I did my Master's in
Discourse Analysis some eight years ago as a (very) mature student. The
linguist list is my only live contact with the discipline I have loved
since I
was a teenager, as I now live in a very remote place and do not have access
to a University library.

Just to say that I, personally have no difficulty with the yearly fund drive,
nor do I consider it begging. You shouldn't feel that it is, either. The
service the list provides is excellent, informative, thought provoking and at
times hilariously funny. Your enthusiastic and continuing efforts on behalf
of the linguistic community mean that you are quite entitled to ask for
funds. I
sometimes wonder what would happen if Anthony or Helen were to cease
their involvement, as it seems to me that they are the driving forces behind
the list.

I contributed for the first time last year, and will do so again. I am very
you are there, linguist crew!

Nick Caffrey
Date Posted: 27-Mar-2005
Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
LL Issue: 16.932
Posted: 27-Mar-2005

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