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Title: 16.932, Disc: Re: 16.894, Disc: Abolishing Fund
Submitter: Marie-Josee Goulet
Description: I am a STUDENT at Laval University in Quebec City (Canada), and I am in
favor of charging a subscription fee to receive emails, but maybe not to
access the site. As I understood Ms. Cruz-Ferreira, it costs 50,000$ to run
the List and 20,000 linguists use it. So, it would cost 2,50$ by
subscriber. Did I miss something?

Even though we loose, let's say, 10,000 subscribers because of this new
charging fee, it would cost each one of us only 5$. Did I understand
correctly? Even students can pay that!

Last year, I donated 50$ to the Linguist List. I believe that the List is
essential and vital to the well-being of linguistics in the world.

Marie-Josee Goulet.
Date Posted: 28-Mar-2005
LL Issue: 16.939
Posted: 28-Mar-2005

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