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Title: Re: 16.894: Abolishing Fund Drive
Submitter: V. J. Fedson
Description: Dear LinguistList,

Here's my input from off the map. You might want to count the
marginal too.

I am a retiree PhD in Linguistics, who has never had a career in
Linguistics, but had to enter another field to earn a modest living. I
was not able to do any research in Linguistics for many years when I
was working, for lack of the luxury of time. I have referred to
LinguistList, after it was started, primarily for intellectual satisfaction,
stimulation, or curiosity, deriving no practical benefits from it.

Still, on my modest fixed income, I make it a point to contribute to
LinguistList, as I do to other charities.

I find it difficult to believe that readers in the West, and American
readers especially, even students, cannot spend the equivalent of a
cup (or forgo a cup) of good coffee a month, $ 2.00- $3.00 ($24-$36 a
year) out of a sense of obligation or responsibility for the practical
benefits they might get from it.

I know that many readers, whether students, or poorly-paid
academics, from other parts of the world will find it difficult to pay any
fee. Banks and Credit Cards tend to charge high fees for conversion
of currencies, among other difficulties.

I do hope that those of your readers who can in truth afford to support
you, will decide to do so. May your tribe endure long!

Best wishes,
vj fedson
Date Posted: 04-Apr-2005
Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
LL Issue: 16.1019
Posted: 04-Apr-2005

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