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Title: Re: 16.894: Abolishing Fund Drive
Submitter: Claire Bowern
Description: I have a suggestion regarding the fee for access. I don't know if it
would be economically viable but it would be testable and modelable
based on previous years' usage.

Linguistlist could still be free to access, but people posting would have
to pay on a sliding scale to post to the list, say from $1 for a question
to $5 for a dissertation announcement to $20 for a call for papers to
more for publishers' book announcements. This would probably
reduce the posts to the list - it would probably reduce repeat
conference announcements, for example, and questions where the
information is readily obtainable through a quick google search.
Posting could still be free in certain circumstances but it would be an
alternative user-pays model and would not result in a closed list.

I tested this on linguistlist data for the last 3 months. I counted (well,
got my computer to estimate) the number of posts in different
categories, and made up a sliding scale. If Jan-March were taken as a
typical quarter, this scale would raise almost $65,000. (Of course, this
isn't typical, as (for example) most of the adjunct jobs are advertised
this quarter, but anyone with more inclination for number crunching
could come up with a better estimate. I don't know how much
transaction fees would cut into this, too)

Category Posts Rate Amount
dissertations 45 $5 225
discussion 37 $1 37
conferences 80 $15 1200
software 5 $15 75
jobs 150 $30 4500
support 21 $25 525
journal tocs 75 $25 1875
book announcements 200 $25 5000
questions 90 $2 180
summaries 20 $1 20
reviews 60 $15 900
media 25 $1 25
fyi 50 $1 50
conference calls 280 $5 1400

total $16,012 x4 $64,048

- Claire
Dr Claire Bowern
Linguistics, Rice University
Houston TX
Date Posted: 04-Apr-2005
Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
LL Issue: 16.1019
Posted: 04-Apr-2005

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