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Title: Terminology Problem: Interlingual? Intralingual?
Submitter: Anne Rimrott
Description: In analyzing learner errors, errors that are influenced by the native
language (L1) are termed interlingual while errors that are influenced
by the target language (L2) are called intralingual. Does anybody
have a suggestion for a term for errors that are neither influenced by
the L1 nor the L2? I want to refer to errors that are produced by
language learners because they do not know the target form (i.e.,
competence errors) - I am not talking about accidental, performance-
related errors. Some terms I suggest:

- language-independent
- nonlingual
- not-L1/L2-related
- L1/L2-unrelated

I am interested to know what others think of my suggestions. In
addition, does anybody have further suggestions to refer to these
errors? Thank you.
Date Posted: 20-Apr-2005
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Language Acquisition
LL Issue: 16.1252
Posted: 20-Apr-2005

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