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Title: LSA supports treating elec. data as publication
Submitter: Doug Whalen
Description: Dear all,

Those of you with very sharp eyes will have noticed the following
resolution, adopted at the annual meeting of 2005, in the LSA Bulletin
(No. 187, March 2005, p. 6):

"Whereas there are few institutional norms about how to recognize
electronic databases in tenure and promotion cases, the Linguistic
Society of America supports the recognition of electronic databases of
language material as academic publications. It supports the
development of appropriate means of review of such resources so
that the functionality, import and scope of the projects can be
assessed relative to other language resources and to theoretical
papers. The LSA supports the treatment of digital resources as
publications for consideration in tenure and promotion cases."

This resolution originated in the Conversation on Endangered
Languages Archiving, chaired by Louanna Furbee and sponsored by
the LSA and the National Science Foundation, and was then adopted
by the LSA Executive Committee. It is a small but significant step in
achieving appropriate recognition for the large amount of work that
goes into, and utility derived from linguistic data in electronic form. It
would be good to hear from linguists who are able to make use of this
LSA resolution for their own work.

Doug Whalen DhW
Douglas H. Whalen
Vice President of Research
Haskins Laboratories
Date Posted: 20-Apr-2005
Linguistic Field(s): Discipline of Linguistics
LL Issue: 16.1254
Posted: 20-Apr-2005

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