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Title: Re: Media: BBC: Baby Signing/Mark Jones
Submitter: Will Salmon
Description: My wife picked up a copy of *Baby Signs* (Susan Goodwyn) several months ago and began teaching some signs to our then-13-month old. Simple stuff like signs for milk, Cheerios, various animal names, etc. My son is now 20 months and has been putting together two-word strings like 'my daddy', 'not snowing' for at least a couple of months, with more every day. So, I don't know that his early baby-sign education has delayed his speech development.

Like Mark Jones though, my initial impression of baby signing was that it was a bit faddy, if entertaining. However, I am not a language acquisitionist and don't purport to make any claims one way or the other about effects of baby signing on speech development. I just thought it worth mentioning that it doesn't seem to have had any adverse affects on my son's verbal speech development.

Will Salmon
Date Posted: 06-Jun-2005
Linguistic Field(s): Language Acquisition
LL Issue: 16.1779
Posted: 06-Jun-2005

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