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Title: Problems with Recent Proposals on Recursion & FLN
Submitter: Oren Sadeh Leicht
Description: I think saying that the claim of recursion being a single essential trait
of human language has no content confuses a few points.

Human language, under Chomsky's view (and I guess Hauser and Fitch, too),
is regarded as a mental state, part of the human mind, or I-language.
Recursion is a property of human minds, not necessarily found in (E-)languages.

Thus it is perfectly logical to assert that a language may lack recursion.
It may still be learned (perhaps badly) by recursion which is in the mind
of humans beings, but not in the langauge itself.
Date Posted: 02-May-2006
Linguistic Field(s): Philosophy of Language
LL Issue: 17.1352
Posted: 02-May-2006

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