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Title: Designing mass linguistic study program
Submitter: Daniel Brockert
Description: Dear fellow linguists,

I just finished a two week trip to Venezuela to promote a massive linguistics
study program in which the government would educate 250,000
Venezuelans in linguistics. Upon completion of the linguistics study
program they would be eligible to serve as host families and Spanish tutors
for foreign students and eligible to study languages abroad such as
Quechua, Portuguese, English and other strategically important languages.

Long-term goals would be the reform of the education system and the
creation of a multi-lingual society that preserves its indigenous languages.
The idea has received heavy support in Venezuela, but as far as I am aware,
no country has ever attempted to implement a mass linguistic study

I'm wondering if pilot projects have been tried in other places and if people
have ideas for making mass linguistic study (as opposed to mere university
study) a feasible project.

Thank you very much,
Daniel Brockert
Saguaro Language Institute and University of Arizona
Date Posted: 09-Aug-2006
Linguistic Field(s): Discipline of Linguistics
LL Issue: 17.2277
Posted: 09-Aug-2006

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