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Title: Acoustic Recording Software for Speech Production
Submitter: Geoffrey Stewart Morrison
Description: Announcing the release of:

Acoustic Recording Software for Speech Production Experiments

by Geoffrey Stewart Morrison

This free software presents written prompts onscreen and records
spoken responses. Prompts are presented in randomised blocks and
the number of repetitions can be selected. The researcher controls
the progress of the experiment and monitors the quality of the
recording. For each response recording, a raw waveform is displayed
onscreen, and the researcher has the option of listening to the
recording (the speaker does not hear the playback), accepting the
recording, rejecting the recording, or quitting the experiment. If a
recording is rejected, the prompt is presented again later in the
experiment. This ensures that the required number of tokens are
recorded with acceptable quality. Each recording is saved to a
separate file using a systematic file-naming convention for easy
processing in acoustic analysis software. If the experiment is
interrupted no data are lost. If the experiment is resumed the speaker
can either complete the missing prompts only or can start again at the
beginning. Prior to the experiment, the instructions are presented in
written form onscreen, and in audio form from prerecorded readings of
the instructions. The speaker also completes a short practice version
of the experiment.

The software runs under 32-bit Windows XP (Tablet version of XP
works, don’t know whether it will run under Vista). The software is
distributed as compiled Matlab (a Matlab licence is NOT required).
Version 6 has been field-tested (data collected from 35 speakers) and
found to be stable. Future versions may include additional features
requested by users.

Additional information and downloads available from the programmer’s

(URL will change later this year)

Development of this software was supported by the Social Sciences
and Humanities Research Council of Canada, and by the Department
of Cognitive & Neural Systems, Boston University.
Linguistic Field(s): Language Documentation

LL Issue: 18.1672
Date Posted: 31-May-2007

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