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Title: OntoSelect 0.2
Submitter: Paul Buitelaar
Description: Dear colleague, this is to inform you about the availability of
OntoSelect 0.2, an extended version of the ontology library and
ontology search service that has been under development at DFKI
since 2004:

OntoSelect 0.2 provides more options and better performance:

- Ontology Search

Ontologies can be searched by ontology title or by topic. In the case of
topic search you can either specify a URL for a web document that
represents the topic of the ontology that you are searching for or you
can give the topic itself which is then linked to a corresponding
Wikipedia page that will be used for your search.

Please note: In ontology title search only the keyword(s) that you give
will be used for your search. In topic search a linguistically/statistically
derived set of most relevant keywords will be extracted automatically
and used for your search. In both cases you can restrict your search
to the ontology format (DAML, OWL, RDFS) and/or language of the
class/property labels that you prefer.

- Class, Property, (Multilingual) Label Search

You can search for classes, properties or class/property labels in
Ontoselect by giving a string that will be matched to the index. In label
search you can additionally specify the language of the label that you
prefer. In property search you can also define the type of the property.

- Ontology Publishing

Publish your ontology on OntoSelect by using the submit option.
Submitted ontologies will be analysed and extracted information will be
integrated in the next regular update of the OntoSelect database.

- Statistics

We keep track of a number of statistics, e.g.:

- Most frequently used labels across ontologies (by language) -
current top five for
1. person
2. city
3. region
4. organization
5. event

- Most active web domains in publishing ontologies - current top five:
1. (81 ontologies published)
2. (37)
3. (18)
4. (17)
5. (15)

- Distribution of format used (DAML, OWL Full/Lite/DL, RDFS) -
current distribution:
57.26 OWL (23.19 Full; 17.33 Lite; 16.74 DL)
21.16 DAML
16.65 RDFS
4.93 unknown

OntoSelect is brought to you by the Competence Center Semantic
Web at DFKI, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence.

Let us know about your feedback. Enjoy!

Paul Buitelaar, Thomas Eigner, Michael Velten
Linguistic Field(s): Typology

LL Issue: 18.1671
Date Posted: 31-May-2007

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