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Title: ELRA Language Resources Catalogue Update
Submitter: Helene Mazo
Description: ELRA is happy to announce that 2 new Speech Resources, 1 Written Corpus and
1 Monolingual Lexicon are now available in its catalogue.

ELRA-S0238 MIST Multi-lingual Interoperability in Speech Technology database

The MIST Multi-lingual Interoperability in Speech Technology database
comprises the recordings of 74 native Dutch speakers (52 males, 22 females)
who uttered 10 sentences in Dutch, English, French and German, including 5
sentences per language identical for all speakers and 5 sentences per
language per speaker unique. Dutch sentences are orthographically annotated.

For more information, see:

ELRA-S0239 N4 (NATO Native and Non Native) database

The (NATO Native and Non Native) database comprises speech data recorded in
the naval transmission training centers of four countries (Germany, The
Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Canada) during naval communication
training sessions in 2000-2002. The material consists of native and
non-native speakers using NATO Naval English procedure between ships, and
reading from a text, 'The North Wind and the Sun,' in both English and the
speaker's native language. The audio material was recorded on DAT and
downsampled to 16kHz-16bit, and all the audio files have been manually
transcribed and annotated with speakers identities using the tool, Transcriber.

For more information, see:

ELRA-W0047 Catalan Corpus of News Articles

The Catalan Corpus of News Articles comprises articles in Catalan from 1
January 1999 to 31 March 2007. These articles are grouped per trimester
without chronological order inside.

For more information, see:

ELRA-L0075 Bulgarian Linguistic Database

This database contains 81,647 entries in Bulgarian with a linguistic
environment tool (for WINDOWS XP). The data may be used for morphological
analysis and synthesis, syntactic agreement checking, phonetic stress

For more information, see:

For more information on the catalogue, please contact Valérie Mapelli

Our on-line catalogue has moved to the following address: Please update your bookmarks.
Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics

Language Specialty: Bulgarian

LL Issue: 18.1667
Date Posted: 31-May-2007

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