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Title: Parser Release: TuLiPA
Submitter: Laura Kallmeyer
Description: We announce the first release of

***TuLiPA (Tübingen Linguistic Parsing Architecture)***

TuLiPA is a multi-formalism syntactic parser that is being developed at the
University of Tübingen. This parser currently supports Multi-Component Tree
Adjoining Grammars with Tree Tuples (TT-MCTAG), Tree Adjoining Grammars
(TAG) and Range Concatenation Grammars (RCG).

The first release of this parser is available under a GPL license at:

This release includes the following features:

*Graphical interface displaying the result of parsing (derivation tree,
derived tree, elementary trees involved)

*A robust mode allowing to display partial parses (and to detect the
feature structure mismatches),

*An XML export of the parsing results,

*The computation of dependency structures (using the DTool software
developed within the Chorus project at Saarland University).

TuLiPA is developed in Java, using the GecodeJ constraint programming
library ( This library is freely available
for major platforms.

TuLiPA is currently used for the development of a TT-MCTAG for German. For
more information (and for some TT-MCTAG, TAG and RCG examples), please
visit the TuLiPA webpage:

All comments, questions, feature requests and bug reports are welcome.

With best regards,
Laura Kallmeyer, Timm Lichte, Wolfgang Maier, Yannick Parmentier
Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics

LL Issue: 18.3422
Date Posted: 17-Nov-2007

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