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Title: Release of Parallel Treebank Corpus and Tool
Submitter: Martin Volk
Description: The Computational Linguistics Group at the Department of Linguistics at
Stockholm University makes available an aligned parallel treebank (called
SMULTRON) and an accompanying alignment and query tool (called the
Stockholm TreeAligner).

SMULTRON (Stockholm MULtilingual TReebank) is a parallel treebank and
contains around 1000 sentences in English, German and Swedish. The
sentences have been PoS-tagged and annotated with phrase structure trees.
The trees have been aligned across languages on sentence, phrase and word
level. Additionally, the German and Swedish monolingual treebanks contain
lemma information.

SMULTRON is freely available for research purposes from

The Stockholm TreeAligner allows the user to view alignment links across
two parallel trees. It also allows the user to create and modify such links
between corresponding nodes or words in two treebanks.

The Stockholm TreeAligner displays trees from input files in TigerXML
format with node labels, edge labels, and crossing branches, making it
useful for browsing TigerXML files.

Moreover the Stockholm TreeAligner allows querying parallel treebanks
(inspired by the TIGERSearch query language but additionally allowing
alignment queries). Search results are highlighted in a graphical display.

The Stockholm TreeAligner is free software and can be downloaded from
Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics
Text/Corpus Linguistics

LL Issue: 19.166
Date Posted: 15-Jan-2008

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