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Title: Language Documentation, Phonetics, Phonology, Sociolinguistics, Text/Corpus Linguistics: EXMARaLDA (version 1.5.2.)
Submitter: Thomas Schmidt
Description: A new version of EXMARaLDA has been released. It can be downloaded free of charge from

EXMARaLDA is a system for creating, managing, analysing and disseminating spoken language corpora:

The EXMARaLDA Partitur-Editor (version 1.5.2.) is a tool for creating, editing and outputting multi-level, audio- or video-aligned transcriptions in musical score notation. It provides import and export filters for the formats of many other tools (Praat, ELAN, CLAN, Transcriber among others) and for various presentation formats.

The EXMARaLDA Corpus Manager (version 2.0) is a tool for bundling transcriptions into corpora, managing metadata about communications and speakers and filtering transcriptions according to their metadata.

EXAKT (version 1.2), the EXMARaLDA Analysis and Concordance Tool, is a tool for querying EXMARaLDA corpora. It extends the functionality of a KWIC concordancer with additional features that are important for the analysis of spoken language, such as: the possibility to play back the part of the audio or video signal corresponding to a search result, filtering search results according to speaker and communication metadata, or manual annotation of search results.

All EXMARaLDA tools are programmed in Java and will run on Windows, Macintosh and Linux Operating systems.

The EXMARaLDA demo corpus at,

containing transcription examples in several languages, provides a quick impression of the system's capabilities.

A recent review of EXMARaLDA can be found in LD&C:

The development of the system is ongoing, we appreciate your feedback.
Linguistic Field(s): Language Documentation
Text/Corpus Linguistics

LL Issue: 24.3704
Date Posted: 20-Sep-2013

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