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Title: ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update
Submitter: Helene Mazo
Description: ELRA is happy to announce that one new Speech Corpus is now available in
its catalogue:

ELRA-S0299 Alcohol Language Corpus (BAS ALC)

ALC contains recordings of 88 German speakers that are either intoxicated
or sober. The type of speech ranges from read single digits to full
conversation style. Recordings were done during drinking test where
speakers drank beer or wine to reach a self-chosen level of alcoholic
intoxication. Recordings were performed in two standing automobiles. In the
intoxicated state 30 items were sampled from each speaker, while in the
sober state 60 items were recorded.

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Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics

LL Issue: 20.1678
Date Posted: 01-May-2009

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