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Title: Release of the Automated Retrieval Console
Submitter: Leonard D'Avolio
Description: The Massachusetts Veterans Epidemiology Research and Information Center
(MAVERIC) is pleased to announce the release of the AutomatedRetrieval
Console (ARC). ARC is an open source Java-based toolkit designed to
automate and streamline the processes of clinical information retrieval
(i.e., natural language processing, information extraction, concept
mapping, machine learning, etc.).

We designed ARC with a few goals in mind. Our first goal is to allow users
to achieve acceptable levels of performance with no custom software or
rules development between tasks. Instead, ARC automatically and
iteratively evaluates combinations of NLP output with supervised machine
learning classification algorithms. Our second goal is to free up
developers and IR researchers to focus on improving the science and
technology by empowering end users to take over many of the processes of
IR. Finally, we hope to meet these goals by building upon and contributing
to a growing collection of open source IR software.

To allow us to remain focused on streamlining the processes of clinical IR,
this first release of ARC takes on document-level information retrieval.
Interested users can download ARC with a with a simple UIMA pipeline from
our Google Code site or, thanks to the generous cooperation of the National
Library of Medicine, users can download ARC with a full version of Dr.
Guergana Savova's cTAKES, complete with UMLS-based knowledge base. For
machine learning, this version of ARC ships with Dr. Andrew McCallum's
Machine Learning for Language Toolkit (MALLET).

More information, code, a step-by-step tutorial, and how-to videos for
using ARC can be found on our website at

ARC development was made possible by the generous support of the Veterans
Health Administration Office of Research and Development's Cooperative
Studies Program and the Health Services Research and Development program's
Consortium for Healthcare Informatics Research (CHIR).

Leonard D'Avolio, PhD

Associate Center Director of Biomedical Informatics
Massachusetts Veterans Epidemiology Research and Information Center (MAVERIC)
VA Cooperative Studies Program Coordinating Center ,
Center for Surgery and Public Health,
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics

LL Issue: 20.3930
Date Posted: 16-Nov-2009

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