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Title: Linguos - Update
Submitter: Venkat Ramdass
Description: Announcing a new and updated version of Linguos at

Linguos is a phonetic transcription based search engine allowing users
search and retrieve native and foreign language content using the English

Linguos supports all major non-roman scripts/langauges. Transcribe your
queries phonetically, without needing to learn specific transliteration
schemes. Pinyin for Chinese is the only exception.

New enhancements include improved transcription, ability to retrieve
results for the 'original' query without transcription, automatic detection
of language based on country (users can change languages anytime) and a few
minor fixes.

Linguos can be accessed at
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Computational Linguistics
Writing Systems

LL Issue: 20.2879
Date Posted: 25-Aug-2009

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