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Title: OTKit: new software for Optimality Theory
Submitter: Tamas Biro
Description: OTKit: Tools for Optimality Theory

OTKit is a new software package containing tools for Optimality Theory. It
includes a user interface and a Java library. The user of the interface can
define a number of elements (forms, candidates, Gen functions, constraints,
hierarchies...) and run experiments with them, such as calculating the
grammatical forms or draw tableaux. The Java package offers corresponding
classes to Java programmers.

Version 1.0 of OTKit is still in an experimental phase. The user interface
offers only tools for modeling linguistic competence, while the Java
library already contains certain tools for research on performance and
learning, as well. The user interface also includes a script language
(still under development), and an XML format to save elements.

For more information, or to download the latest version, please visit the
website of OTKit:
Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics

LL Issue: 21.396
Date Posted: 25-Jan-2010

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