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Title: PANL10n Releases Linguistic Resources and Software
Submitter: Sarmad Hussain
Description: PAN Localization project ( has been a regional
initiative promoting language technology across developing Asia. The
project, initiated in 2003, has developed and disseminated computing
solutions for Bahasa Indonesia, Bangla, Dzongkha, Khmer, Lao, Mongolian,
Nepali, Pashto, Sinhala, Tamil Tibetan and Urdu.

On the occasion of the eleventh International Mother Language Day, 21st
February 2010, PAN Localization project is pleased to release its research,
technology and resources through its website.

This project has been carried out with collaboration of IDRC, Canada
(, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences,
Pakistan (; and the following partner

- Afghan Computer Science Association, Afghanistan
- BRAC University and Development Research Network, Bangladesh
- Department of IT, Bhutan
- Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Institute of Technology, and
National ICT Development Authority, Cambodia
- Tibet University, Institute of Science and Technology, Tibet Academy of
Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Sciences, China
- University of Indonesia, Agency for the Assessment and Application of
Technology, Indonesia
- National Authority for Science and Technology, Laos
- InfoCon Co. Ltd., Mongolian University of Science and Technology and
National University of Mongolia, Mongolia
- Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya, and E-Network Research and Development, Nepal
- University of Colombo School of Computing, Sri Lanka

Salient Outputs (and more … on the project website:

Bahasa Indonesia
Statistical Machine Translation (Awarded), English-Bahasa Parallel Corpus
(1 Million words), POS Tagged Bahasa Corpus (500,000 words), Part of Speech
Tagset and Tagger

Text to Speech System (Awarded), Optical Character Recognition System
(Shortlisted for Award), Bangla Pad, Spell Checker, Lexicon, Language Table
for IDNs, Part of Speech Tagset and Tagger, Wordnet (1000 words), Tagged
Corpus (5 Million words), English-Bangla Parallel Corpus

DzongkhaLinux, Optical Character Recognition System, Language Table for
IDNs, Part of Speech Tagset, Corpus (600,000 words), Lexicon (23,000
words), Text to Speech System (prototype), Dzongkha Terminology, Collation,
Locale, Fonts and Keyboard

Optical Character Recognition System, Java Applications and
Plug-ins for Collation, Encoding Conversion, Word Segmentation, Locale,
Mobile SMS, Language Table for IDNs, Part of Speech Tagset and Tagger,
Lexicon, Text to Speech System (prototype), Tagged Corpus (150,000 words),
Online Khmer Content on

Optical Character Recognition System, and MS Office Plug-in
for Word Segmentation, Collation, Spell Checker, Lao Pad, Fonts, Keyboard,
Language Table for IDNs, Part of Speech Tagset, POS Tagged Corpus, Parallel
Corpus (37,000 words), Online Lao Content

Part of Speech Tagset and Tagger, Spell Checker, Corpus (1,000,000 words),
Tagged Corpus (100,000 words), Lexicon (10,000 words), Automatic Speech
Recognition, Localization of Pidgin and SeaMonkey

NepaLinux (Awarded), Spell Checker, Grammar Checker, Parallel Corpus
(100,000 words), Tagged Corpus (80,000 words), Lexicon (37,000 words),
Optical Character Recognition System (prototype)

Localized SeaMonkey (Awarded), Keyboard, Fonts

Sinhala & Tamil
Sinhala Optical Character Recognition System, Sinhala Text to Speech System
(Awarded), Screen Reader for Sinhala for Blind, Language Learning Tool for
Tamil in Sinhala and English, Sinhala Wordnet, Localized OpenTM, Collation
Standard, Encoding Conversion tool
Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics
General Linguistics
Writing Systems

Language Specialty: Dzongkha
Mongolian, Halh
Khmer, Central
Samba Leko
Pashto, Central

LL Issue: 21.922
Date Posted: 24-Feb-2010

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