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Title: Syntactica Software
Submitter: Michelle Pullano
Description: The MIT Press is pleased to announce the availability of Syntactica software.

Download Syntactica for Mac OSX or Windows, and the Syntactica User Manual

Syntactica is a software application tool designed to let you study natural
language structure in a fun, interactive way. It is designed to be used in
conjunction with the text 'Grammar as Science'. The program provides a
simple interface for:

• Creating grammars (consisting of phrase-structure rules and lexicons)
• Viewing the structures they assign to natural language expressions
• Transforming those structures by syntactic operations such as movement,
deletion and copying

Syntactica permits many aspects of syntactic theory to be explored. The
rule and lexicon windows allow you to assign and control the percolation of
syntactic features. The TreeViewer window lets you to perform a variety of
formal operations on trees by simply pointing, clicking and using the
Transforms panel. Syntactica also allows you to control various constraints
on operations, including an elementary version of Subjacency. Originally
developed under NeXTSTEP, Syntactica has been ported to JAVA, where it runs
under Mac OSX and WIN.
Linguistic Field(s): Syntax

LL Issue: 21.2766
Date Posted: 01-Jul-2010

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