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Title: xyling - tree drawing macros for LaTeX users
Submitter: Ralf Vogel
Description: Dear colleagues,

About 4 years ago, I wrote a couple of macros for the drawing of linguistic
tree structures with LaTeX which I made available to the public via my
webpage under the name 'xyling'. Only recently, when my old web account was
closed, I came to notice that these macros are used much more frequently
than I thought.

As I do not know the users of xyling, I want to use this channel to
announce that the package is on the web again in a new much more elaborated

I have extended the macro package in many ways, and I also made it easier
to handle. If you are using xyling, the new version 1.0 is certainly worth
looking at. The documentation is also completely rewritten.

With best wishes to everyone for 2005,

Ralf Vogel
Institute of Linguistics
University of Potsdam
Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics

LL Issue: 16.234
Date Posted: 25-Jan-2005

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