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Title: ParZu, The Zurich Dependency Parser for German
Submitter: Rico Sennrich
Description: Dear all,

I am pleased to announce that ParZu, the Zurich Dependency Parser
for German (formerly known as Pro3GresDe), has been released
under a free software license (GPL).

ParZu uses a hybrid architecture, combining a hand-written grammar
and statistical information. It offers high-quality, robust dependency
parsing for German (try it yourself: ), but
has so far suffered from limited deployability due to licensing issues.
We have now stripped the parser of all proprietary dependencies.

ParZu repository:

ParZu has been developed at the Institute of Computational Linguistics
of the University of Zurich and is described in:

Rico Sennrich, Gerold Schneider, Martin Volk and Martin Warin (2009):
A New Hybrid Dependency Parser for German. In: Proceedings of
GSCL Conference, Potsdam.

Best wishes,

Rico Sennrich
Institute of Computational Linguistics
University of Zurich
Binzm├╝hlestrasse 14
8050 Zurich
Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics

Language Specialty: German

LL Issue: 22.3547
Date Posted: 11-Sep-2011

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