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Title: KwicKwic Document Analysis: New Version Released
Submitter: Clayton Darwin
Description: KwicKwic V0.3.5: I have just released a new version of the KwicKwic Text
Analysis program which has several substantial improvements, particularly
for power users. These include searches using multiple queries stored in a
file, building and searching corpora using lists of paths rather than
actual directories and files, and improved document and note management in
the journal. You can download the update from the website:

I hope this helps. CD

Notes from the original announcement for KwicKwic:

KwicKwic (v3.4), developed by Clayton Darwin, is a a fast and easy-to-use
tool for investigating text data. KwicKwic was designed as a simple but
powerful search tool for linguists, but it can be used in many other
fields. KwicKwic is currently available for Windows (XP and higher) users
only, and is Unicode compliant.
Linguistic Field(s): Text/Corpus Linguistics

LL Issue: 22.3650
Date Posted: 19-Sep-2011

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